Public Displays Of Affection Can Fuel Preselection

Jennifer and I work for the same employer, though different departments. There’s basically no overlap but once in a while we run into each other at work… as we did today.
Truthfully this was not some grand sweeping off the feet passionate moment, but we did publicly kiss and make a little small talk with each other. There were several playful “break that up”, “no kissing” and “ewww” comments from the female peanut gallery.
So I kissed her again and lightly gamed her with very gentle teasing. After all the real issue isn’t a tasteful PDA, it’s that they are jealous, so I underlined that.
After all there’s nothing like making other women jealous to strengthen the Preselection effect.


  1. I thought PDA was Beta. Now flirting with other hot women when your wife is around is working presection. A good example is flirty banter with the hot waitress or bartender. Keep it light and fun and include the wife too. Don't know about you, but my wife likes to tell her girlfriends about the young girls who pay attention to me. There seems to be a kind of very subtle competition between the wives about the status of their husbands. Apparently getting a 20something hottie to flirt with the 40 years old husband is a big win. Other wives like to talk about their husbands paycheck. Either way, it's all about who's got the higher status husband.
    For good or bad, what your wife's best friends think of your status has a big impact on her opinion of your status.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Weren't they just kidding? When couples do the PDA, it's almost mandatory for onlookers to say something ("hey, get a room, willya!"). And admit it, you wanted validation that you two are a sexxxy couple! I think tasteful PDAs between couples can be an endearing visual, but if I know them, I'm going to tease them because it's part of the game, not because I'm jealous.

    Now a pair of one night stand hookups in the corner of the bar going at it – that's an eewwwwww! And definitely not jealous of that!

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