1. Will S. says

    I suppose grabbing by the web, and running towards her with the spider still alive and dangling from it, is out of the question. But it was great fun in university; I made one girl in residence (whom I wasn't interested in) positively shriek in horror! Good times… I always wished I had a younger sister to torment – you know, draw mustaches on her Barbies, or worse, pull their heads off; that kinda thing…

  2. dalrock says

    When I was doing research on my series about grey divorce one of the articles talked about a woman who had started a blog about her exciting new life. The one post from the blog they decided to reference in the article was how she had removed a dead mouse from a mousetrap (the horror!). I'm guessing she called a professional in if she saw a spider.

    Spider duty certainly goes without saying as a husband. My wife used to put cups on any spiders she saw if I wasn't around so I could kill them later. I never knew exactly what I would find when I lifted the cup.

    Usually it was a spider or some other bug, but once it was a grape. Another time just as I was about to stomp on it I noticed the spider was smiling. I stopped mid stomp and picked up a toy spider she used for Halloween decoration.

  3. Athol Kay says

    Oh you can certainly have fun with the killing routine. Squealing girls = attraction lol.

    LMAO at the grape under the cup Dalrock.

  4. Zosimus the Heathen says

    Heh, you never would've gotten one of my grandfathers on spider-killing duty. He was so petrified of the things that if he saw one in a room of his house, one of the other members of the family would have to go in and kill it, *and* show him the remains, before he'd go into the room himself. He also had a phobia of heights which he only discovered he had after joining the RAAF during the Second World War. D'oh!

  5. Athol Kay says

    I have no clue why different animal freak different people out. Small critter killing is my job though.

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