Smothered Girlfriend Changes Her Tune In Just Three Days

If you remember the reader a few days back seeking help in the post She’s Getting Bored, He’s Starting To Get Clingy, here’s his follow up email to me…
“Wow. your advice is solid gold. Today I sent her a text:
I am going to Club Indigo. Care to join me?
She said yes. I invited her to sleep here.
I am cutting all the phone conversations just a little short, being less available. She keeps telling me she misses me, and do I need to get laid?
Seriously, man, this is probably the only relationship advice I have ever got that made 100% sense. You should write a book!”
Boo-yah! Glad it’s working out so well, keep it up. For the most part much of what I talk about doesn’t even have to make sense before you try it. A lot of it is so small that you can simply test drive it and see how it works. Understanding can come later. Just go test it.
And yes I’m finally kicking into book writing mode. It’s a hard process and I’ve been putting it off for a little too long.


  1. Carl Sagan says:

    This shit is not as hard as it seems, fellas.

    Guys really try to over complicate a lot of this stuff.

    Good luck with the book Athol.

  2. Athol Kay says:

    Thanks Carl.

  3. Sign me up for an advance copy! And I know a great editor if you need one…

  4. M and A says:

    Good luck with the book writing! – Mike

  5. Athol Kay says:

    Thanks Ktay and M and A. Appreciated.

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