So When Is The Book You Keep Talking About Getting Done?

“So … are you writing the book I’m looking for? PUA techniques for the monogamous?
I can’t remember the damn name or author of the PUA book I read, but I have you to thank for turning me onto such material. It all seems so very easy to dismiss as ignorant trash. It’s the relationship equivalent of Amway … yet, if you actually do it, it works. Results are hard to argue with.
Love the blog. Consider a webcast. I’m assuming that I don’t have to remind you that there is no lack of interest, and your target audience will certainly be available as they are not in bed with their wives or girlfriends.
Best of luck Athol.”
Yes indeed I am writing it.
I’ve had a number of things come together in my real life that are basically forcing me to get it written over the next month. Work may or may not get rough in about a months time and if it does get rough I may not have mental energy to really get it done this year. I’ve also been not working extra hours so much this year, and while we aren’t going under we aren’t going up either. So I just have to plow ahead on it.
In a sense I’ve been writing it from the beginning of the year anyway, so right now I’m basically doing a huge cut and paste job from the blog into something more structured as a first draft. After that it’s a few runs of editing and polishing from that. To be honest there won’t be very much “new” in the book, just vastly more coherent and understandable with the action plan better defined. The blog is fun, but leaps around topics a little much. A book is a different format. I’m hoping to be done with the writing phase by the end of August.
After that it seems to be about another month to get it published. I’m leaning towards self-publishing via CreateSpace the owned print on demand outfit. So all things going to plan I’m hoping for October 1st publication. Maybe I’m an old fuddy duddy but I need to hold an actual book in my hand rather than simply eBook and I love Amazon.
Also my target audience is as much female as male. I have slightly more female readers than male on the blog as it is. Wives are going to buy it for their husbands to use on them anyway. Women want to be seduced.
I’ll probably branch to webcasts eventually. For now I have to get the book done as without a marketable product it’s all just a fun hobby but not a Display of Higher Value to Jennifer. As far as I can work the numbers, about 1000 sales would be break even point, and 2000 would be quite happy. I’ll not lie and say that I haven’t done the fantasy estate planning for royalties though. And while I do thrill to saved marriages I am in it for the money. But a book is only 1/20000th the cost of a divorce and if I get you laid even a couple times more then it plays out on the Hooker Math front as well. So it’s win-win.
What would be helpful though is a few more reader stories. I want to have a chapter of “reports from the field” describing things that worked. I also find reader questions extremely helpful as well, they often seem to trigger a post. I’m at  And please don’t keep me a secret!
Also today I passed the 100,000 visitor mark, and I’m poised to beat the 250,000 page view mark in a few hours. I’m by no means a big blog as yet, but it’s an exciting beginning for just seven months. I am very grateful for the amount of visitors that have swung by.
With much love.


  1. Big Jay says:

    I recommend John T Reed's book on self publishing. It is a good solid read from somebody who has self published and sold a lot of books.

  2. Ms Lacrymosa says:

    Good luck with this book! As one of the first followers of MMSL blog in January, I just realised I missed the first dozen blog posts you wrote here. Now I've read from the beginning I think you're so right about the structure a book will bring to the topic.

    While it's too late for us- wife reading and not husband here- I think this book would make a great wedding present for newly weds!

  3. GudEnuf says:

    If you plan to sell 1000 copies, you will have to sell 1 book for every 250 page views your blog has had, ever. That may sound small, but in internet terms, it's a huge amount.

    To put it in perspective, how many web pages have you visited in the last month? And how many internet purchases have you made in the last month?

    Looking at my own internet history, I've visited a little over 13,500 webpages in the past month. I made three internet purchases in that time period: a pair of cell phone chargers, $10 in Skype credit, and a nationally syndicated book that was cheaper on Ebay. So that's one purchase for every 4500 page views. One eighteenth your target rate. Again, look at your own viewing and purchasing history and see what your personal ratio is. Do buy something at least once for 250 pages you view?

    Look, I don't want to be the pessimist here, but it might be best to start off with an ebook. Higher profit margins, infinite scalability, and no financial risk if you undersell. You can always issue a "special edition" paper version later.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I second GudEnuf on doing an eBook. If Amazon offers an affordable print-on demand, that's fine, but sales are moving quickly towards eBooks. I like the ePub format (used by Sony, Google and others) but you can easily do it in multiple formats (just don't agree to a Kindle-only format with Amazon).

  5. Athol, if you'd like someone to proof for grammar/punctuation, give me a shout.

  6. Assanova says:

    I get a good amount of traffic, and I also publish the occasional ebook. If you have any questions about how many units you're likely to sell or anything else, just shoot me an email.

  7. Regarding yet other PUA-like books relating to marriage and LTRs, I heartily recommend:

    "Manual of Seduction for Husbands, Single Men & Playboys" by Franco, and

    "Practical Female Psychology for the Practical Man" by South, Clare, and Franco

  8. Wishing you luck, Athol, with your publishing–whatever route you choose.

  9. I will buy your book, in paper form, as soon as it becomes available, and Amazon print-on-demand is an excellent choice. (And please stay away from Pay Pal!)

    But I would not buy it as an eBook, even if that were the only option.

    I do a lot of reading, both paper and electronic, and an eBook is a quite restrictive format.

    A paper book is much more conducive to being given as a gift (or hint), being picked up on the spur of the moment and flipped through, or being left out to be read for relaxation or inspiration.

    And with all due respect to GudEnuf's comment, I buy what I deem beneficial, even if I haven't met my quota of page visits, LOL.

  10. Athol Kay says:

    Thank you for all your comments, much appreciated.

    I just have minimal desire for just an eBook version. For the most part my readers are 35+ and it's just a DLV to do an eBook to that group. It just says "scambook" to us.

    If nothing else I need a hardcopy version for me. I've never paid for a eBook and find the short free ones I've gotten annoying to read.

  11. Athol Kay says:

    I may just do that Grerp. Thank you.

    Though I'm sleeping with the current proof reader, so an expectation has been set…. ;-)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday afternoon, I was lying on the couch with my wife. I told her: "I'm bored. Let's f*ck!" She was lukewarm, but not closed to the idea. She said: "Maybe, but give me a line to turn me on." I said the first couple of things that went through my head. Both times, she said: "No, it didn't work for me. Try again."

    Then I realized I had to use my brain. I went silent, concentrated, and the first thing that popped through my head was: "What would Athol say?" I started reviewing the things I remembered from your blog. All this at lightning speed, because she was still holding her breath right next to me.

    Then suddenly I got it. I saw the line dancing right in front of my eyes. I leaned close to her neck, lowered my voice, and said: "I'm going to peel your clothes of veeerryyy slowly…" She said: "Wow, that worked!", took my hand and immediately led me to the bedroom.

    Where she tore her own clothes off very quickly…

  13. I think there's another reason why women enjoy reading this. Women like game. It turns them on. Thus reading about it turns them on. What women don't like though, is being played, feeling disrespected — which is what a lot of other areas of the game community are about –. Being played may turn them on, but the idea of being played, well doesn't.

    You are showing game in a respectful way to women. So they get to feel turned on without feeling disrespected.

    Women like game, they also like respect. This is why ((I gander)) they read your blog.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I will buy your book, and I will get it in hard back, if available.

  15. Athol Kay says:

    Anon and Anon – lol good stuff and thank you for your support.

    V – agree.

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