What Do To About Wifely Nagging For Reasonable Requests

A reader question…
“I stumbled across your blog a few months ago, and I’ve really appreciated your advice. I’m sure you get plenty of blog post ideas, but I thought of a question that I don’t think I’ve seen you cover before. How do you handle occasional nagging? Even more tricky, how do you handle a reasonable request that’s delivered in a nagging way.
My wife doesn’t nag very much; it’s one of the things I love about her. But occasionally she will, and I usually get blindsided by it. It’s easier to respond to a ridiculous request by making a joke of it (and not complying). The hard ones are when the request is probably something I should be doing ( rinsing off dinner plates, carrying stuff upstairs, etc), but it’s given in a very naggy way, as if I’m a child.
I suppose the first thing to do is make sure I am pulling my weight around the house, especially with the man’s chores. But we all slip up now and then. Any advice on how to respond, possibly comply with the request, and still show some Alpha traits?”
Ah this is a tricky one. She’s “right” in that they are reasonable requests, but “wrong” with the tone and demeaning attitude. So even if you comply you lose, and you lose if you don’t do it. She loses as well because she has to nag you to get it done, or if she doesn’t it doesn’t happen.
So you have to reframe the whole situation.
Firstly I’d just draw her attention to the fact that (1) you understand and agree something needs to be done, and (2) that nagging happened and now you’re both getting trapped in the dynamic of nagging that is lose-lose.
So then you ask her to repeat the request to you pleasantly. One option for this is starting with a 10 second kiss, or hugging etc. This usually calms you both down and takes the nag / venom out of the reasonable request. If she asks nice you go do it. If she refuses to ask pleasantly, you don’t complete the task, or get to it when you have time. Nagging is rude and why would you provide good service to rude people.
The other option for her asking you to complete reasonable requests is to have her cup her breasts and to lift them up and lightly smoosh them together as she asks her request. Studies have shown that for fully covered females this is 57% more effective than female on male nagging for task completion, and tasks are completed on average 37 days earlier. For for revealing tops this increases to 87% more effective and averages 93 days earlier. Unfortunately the data for topless females is incomplete as the research was halted to start a multitude of landscaping and remodeling projects.


  1. Sex is my way, the last time I had a wifetype (never married, just… played hubby on life stage a couple of times). Whether through seduction or negotiation, that was usually my terms. Then a cessation of the nagging was required, though after sex it didn't seem to be a problem. Of course, sometimes women just nag. I always thought that it meant time for some good long hot sex. Squeaky wheel and all.

    Just remember… squeak squeak, oil oil; squeak squeak squeak, oil oil oil, etc. Worked for me. I am not sure if my women really liked it, I am not sure I care. Then again, I was never formally married (just lived with a few women for 6 to 8 years… hmm, that is common law though…). YMMV…

  2. Athol Kay says:

    Well the difference in response is whether or not the requests are reasonable or not reasonable. If they are unreasonable, then the answer is to treat it like a Fitness Test and bump back a little / reframe / spank them. This is an Alpha move.

    But if you task avoid reasonable requests by treating it like a shit test, you do get a little Alpha bump, but you lose more on the Beta front and she loses comfort. Too much of that and she will just clamp her legs shut or abandon you for a man with better Beta traits.

    The problem with nagging reasonable requests is simply voice tone. So the appropriate level of "bumping back" is to correct that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I offer the following story of turning a "reasonable request" to my advantage. Well, both our advantages actually.

    I've been wanting my wife to wear sexier clothes to bed. She's been wanting me to get up when the baby wakes up at 2 am. The other night, she climbed into bed wearing fleece sweatpants and a baggy T-shirt. I tugged at the shirt and asked "why are you wearing so much to bed?"

    WIFE: "In case I need to get up in the middle of the night to get the baby."

    I rolled over and went to sleep. Of course in the middle of the night our baby woke up and was yelling (over the Monitor) "Mama…Bottle…Mama…Bottle"

    WIFE: Can you get up and see what she wants?

    ME: I think she wants her Mama to give her a Bottle.

    WIFE: How about you get it for her?

    ME: (patting her fleece-covered fanny) I thought that's why you were wearing all these clothes to bed?

    She went and got the baby. The next night, she climbed into bed wearing a thong and a skimpy top. An improvement! Of course, I realized there was likely to be a complication in the middle of the night. When the baby again woke up "Mama…Bottle" she said I needed to go get the bottle because she would be too cold in the skimpy outfit.

    But I'd planned ahead! I rolled over so that I was on top of her, a hard cock poking her in the stomach, and asked if she wanted me to fuck her before or after I got the bottle.

    She looked at the monitor, chewed her lip, and said after, because she didn't want the baby to wake up our son.

    When I got back, the panties were on the floor and she was really wet.

    Now, to be perfectly honest, I had no idea if this would work. I'm just starting to shake off the rust and flex some alpha again. But it did, and I'm encouraged to try some more.

  4. Athol Kay says:

    Awesome! The Alpha+Beta mix is the charm.

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