Off Topic At Live Your Dream Blog

I’m posting off the beaten path today on Live Your Dream Blog. It’s essentially an question and answer format picking my brains for something more female slanted than I usually write here.
It was actually quite interesting to try and get my head around what are the female version of Alpha and Beta traits.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you can work up a post for them talking about what to look for in a woman, and what to avoid.

  2. "Maybe you can work up a post for them talking about what to look for in a woman, and what to avoid"

    I wonder how well that would be recieved over there? Jacquline seems nice enough and wants to help, but her commenter crowd is, ah, kind of bitter. In a Patty and Selma Simpson sort of way. They'd benefit from adopting a little more of their host's attitude, I think. Interesting demographic at any rate. It might be a good idea for women to read an unvarnished list of what guys look for in a wife.

  3. LOL I'll be hunted down and maimed. Not killed… maimed. :-D

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Hiya, Athol! Been awhile – yes I am lambasted by many fem centric communities, but I am still maitaining my independent thinking capacities. heeee….thinking I might have to post on mean girls soon.

    So, an unvarnished list? Sounds like fun. Anon, drop on by. I'll go there – as long as it's not on purpose biased to anger people.

    I've recently been named a lightening rod for controversy!

    And somehow, I bet you'll all think that's a good thing?!!

    Thanks for the comments and the testosterone high!


  5. This link does not work for me. Is there another way for me to read this? Or a different post you can point me to?


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