Only Boys Have Mojo

My body is on New Zealand Time, my head is on Eastern Standard Time and my stomach has gotten stuck on Lunch Time.
Anyway, a quick email conversation from Friday…
Me: (something work related)… and I’m starting to feel like I’m getting my mojo back.
She: (something work related)… ah, me = no mojo
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  1. Kryptonite kills mojo, often in a very delightful manner. That also causes hunger. Perhaps you meant that all to be put together and I am the nit-witted "Dr. Obvious"? Anyway, see if Mrs. Kryptonite is in the mood to get you fed, now that she has absorbed your mojo… Well, that is what I would do. (Remind her that it will replenish your mojo so you can feed her kryptonite.)

    Good luck on recovering from travel brain.

  2. Athol Kay says:

    There was no absorbing of mojo. Cute and all, but I'm married.

    However, Kryptonite and Betaization make interesting metaphors…

  3. Oh, no problems. I thought she was the Mrs. I'm lost I guess, but I am comfortable here.

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