Sexy Move: Rescue Her

Jennifer and the girls were out walking and the weather decided to mix it up with some heavy rain. They had their coats etc, but walking in heavy rain isn’t much fun and we’re without cell phones here.
So I circled the neighbourhood in Dad’s car looking for them…
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  1. One of the first stories my husband told me about his life that i remember REALLY making an impression on me was his jumping into a swollen creek to save his ex. i have no doubt he told me this story to impress me. it worked. big time

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would've smacked my daughter if she said that. Isn't that a serious attitude problem?

    And Black Knight was a better card. I did use black deck, but oh well.

  3. Athol Kay says:

    Oh no, my daughters are extremely well behaved. This is a kid that just did two full days of international travel without compliant. She just didn't want to go home just yet is all.

    If anything it was a baby fitness test, so I just verbally framed I was in charge. Test passed.

    Always pass tests with the minimum of effort.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So, a suggested edit:

    Eldest Daughter: "I didn't know we were in need of serious rescue".

    Me: "You weren't, I was just practicing for when you really needed it. Practice makes perfect, darling. You should practice being grateful. 'Thanks Dad! You're the greatest!' Your mom can get in some practice too…"

    Depending on how old "eldest" is, maybe leave the last line unspoken.

  5. Athol Kay says:

    Meh you're giving me more attitude than she was. Perhaps the smacking thing you suggestted… :-D

  6. Meg at Demanding Joy says:

    I think that this type of rescue is what real married romance is. I don't need cards and roses, but knowing that my husband has my best interests at heart – especially when I didn't have to ask – really warms my heart. Nicely done.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sweet story! It's the simple little things that show love and care more than gifts, expensive dinners and the like. My husband will quite often just go fill up my car with gas just because. Or offer to drive me somewhere I need to go if the weather is bad (we get blizzards here). Still impresses me after all these years — and makes me want to return the favors.

  8. Yes, all this domination and frame control stuff on game blogs makes me laugh. Sure we all like a strong man who is the clear leader, but it's the nice things that make you go aww that really makes you bond to someone.

    I love your blog. I hope more men read it.

  9. For pickup it's more pure alpha or what Atol calls Sexual Rating.

    For LTR's or even MTR's (and alpha harems) it's really importantly comfort as well as edgie emotional roller coaster attraction. Some of this is necessary in pickup too, just less, especially with sluts and semi sluts.

  10. "Meh you're giving me more attitude than she was. Perhaps the smacking thing you suggestted… :-D"

    You ARE a funny one, Athol; I can see you've got game just by reading your blog and laughing at you. I don't agree with all your points and your charm doesn't alleviate that hard disagreement, but you've got some of the best kind of game: easygoing and good-natured.

    Jennifer 6

  11. THANK you for this post, Athol. Gamers say we hate the white knight; it ain't true. Actually, it depends on the frame. Bad white knight: a guy who can't stop kissing a woman's hand, bowing before her, flourishing flowers, and citing poetry (check out "Anne of Avonlea", the scene where Anne gets honest feedback about her first story; her hero was a TOTAL white knight dud, ick. Plus, your wife will enjoy watching it with you :P) Bad white knights actually condescend to women, rescuing them when they don't need and/or deserve it.

    But a GOOD white knight; that's a guy who saves when necessary and has a good frame. Ex: he sees and interjects when a guy in a public place is bothering a woman. He steps in and goes, "Hey look buddy, she's not interested. Leave her alone." If he's a good guy alpha, he might add, "Or you'll answer to me." *big grin* So long as he doesn't overdo it.

    Great ex: in a movie I know, a guy sees another guy wrestling with a girl on the sidewalk, both of whom are total strangers to him. He jumps out, rams the guy against his truck and says, "If I ever see you touch her again, you'll answer to me, you got it?" Then when the stunned guy said, "Yeah, just calm down", he turned him around and said, "Not until after you apologize to the lady." With emphasis on the word "lady"! He's a gentleman and has strong alpha traits! A man like that is gold.

    Jennifer 6

  12. Jennifer 6 – actually I advise men to never intervene in a public fight between a man and a woman. That's how you get stabbed or shot. Or assuming you win the fight, you won't automatically get the hero award, you may end up in court defending yourself.

    Just call 911.

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