Sexy Move: Take The Wheel

We’re on vacation in New Zealand.
Apparently me being the one to drive on the other side of the road has been presented to me as very much an Alpha Male requirement by Jennifer.
Proper response: Playfully faking that I lost a contact lens in the pool at the bottom of the hydroslide…
In fairness I have driven here before, but it does take a little time to get over the feeling of certain death going through intersections “the wrong way”.
And for the record it is an attraction builder to drive like this. It’s somehow edgy and dangerous despite it being essentially quite mundane, it’s quite different driving here than in America. Passing other cars on winding single lane roads requires timing, acceleration and a quick nip out into oncoming traffic…


  1. Miles Anderson says:

    I'd never driven wrong side before I visited Oz. Traffic circles were the only _really_ crazy thing for me. My wife and I agreed beforehand that I would drive but she would help. Giving her second-in-command type responsibilities made her feel more comfortable then just doing it while not really removing any of the edginess.

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