So What Can She Do To Keep Him Chasing Her Skirts?

“Hi Athol,
If you looked through your logs and saw one reader go through all your archives in the last week – that was me. Awesome sight, and I can’t thank you enough for that. It’s really helped me make some important decisions and have some frank conversations with my wife.
One of the questions my wife had during our conversations was “What do I need to do to make sure you stay in love with me?” (In the dopamine sense – our oxytocin levels are good I think). I thought it was a good question but I didn’t know the answer. All of my reading in the last month has been on a guy’s game. Do you have any suggestions? Good books or blogs? She’s a smart girl and a good reader, so it doesn’t have to be dumbed down.”
Hi there, I can’t quite track individual readers quite that well, Google Analytics is good but it’s not quite up to Eye of Sauron levels. However I see that about 200 people a month do just go through hundreds of pages of my material, so I believe you. I’m glad it’s been of help.
Mostly the best thing she can do for you is attention to her own physical fitness and appearance. Men are mostly visual and if you look at her and your own Body Agenda sees her as physically appealing it triggers those attraction feelings in you. Likewise she can more carefully display sexy clothing for you. This doesn’t mean she dresses like a hooker, just better attention to pulling your interest. Jennifer for example is quite demure by nature, but after she started dressing in lower cut tops and showing more cleavage for example, it actually pulled my attention better. It was one of those Jerry Maquire “help me, help you” conversations that led to that. I’m not talking about getting surgical alteration here either, just get into good shape via diet and exercise… show some skin.
The other thing is basically acting with greater interest in sex in general and flirting with you. I’m talking about hitting on you, grabbing your ass in passing, rubbing on you, the lingerie thing once in a while. Basically her trying to initiate things with you and/or just playing along when you do things to game her. It’s actually quite amusing and fun for me when Jennifer uses the exact same moves on me that I’ve suggested on my blog, a couple of days ago she slipped her fingers into the front pockets of my jeans and locked me into kissing her. Often when I kiss Jennifer from behind in the kitchen she enjoys it for a second and then grinds her ass into me with a little freakstyle wiggle. Takes 5 seconds but I know she wants me.
Also if you have the time, you can come up with a list of sexual fantasies / desires / favorite things to do in bed and she can work her way through doing some of those. Also sometimes what she thinks is a hot thing in bed for you is just so-so to you and vice a versa. It can be a huge leap forward to go over that stuff together.
The other thing you can do is do new and exciting things together. Stuff that would naturally give you both a Dopamine spike naturally anyway. That’s anything from new restaurants, trips, parachuting, roller coasters, climb a mountain… whatever it is that makes you guys do a double fist pump into the air and go “woo-hoo”, or if you’re English polite applause and a “well done”.
So my advice is pretty simple – look hot as she can and pounce on you. Mix it up in general.
Some of the female orientated blogs on my sidebar may be helpful, and if you want something longer to read I think His Needs, Her Needs is the best book out there. Look for a used copy and it’s about $5. Well worth it.
Also wear a dress once in a while. It’s impossible for him to chase skirt if you don’t wear one.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha! Athol, I'm glad I could help you out with a posting topic. :) I've told her as much too, but I thought there might be more too it. Better safe than sorry / there are no dumb questions, right?


  2. Athol Kay says:

    There are no dumb questions at all. In fact much of male/female interaction is somewhat purposely confusing by design. It's the role of game to peel off some of that confusion.

  3. Anonymous says:

    VERY helpful post!

    Wife of an uncommunicative husband

  4. Here are some ideas which might help :P

    Back to being serious though, yes, physical appearance is where it's all at. There's no such thing as a bad time to visit the gym.

  5. Athol Kay says:

    LMAO at that video Xamuel

  6. “His Needs, Her Needs” sucks! Way over generalized! It made me feel like a slut for wanting sex (apparently as someone without a dick, I should only want “affection”). I hated it! It has some decent points BUT mainly beta junk. I can’t believe you’re suggesting it! I think “The Five Love Languages” is much better as it talks about how what’s significant romantically (though it applies to all relationships) is different from individual to individual.

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