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I tend to not want to turn my blog roll into a huge link farm, the blogs that I have linked to there are ones that I actually read whenever they post and find them some degree of entertaining and useful, while being also at least in the same basic frame of reference as this blog as well. Other married game blogs being ideal.

Some additions to the roll today…



Gaming My Wife

Haley’s Halo

Mormon Men

Stage Two


  1. Thanks Athol!

  2. haleyshalo says:

    Thanks, Athol. I guess this means I now have some standards to live up to…. ;)

  3. Deansdale says:

    Thanks :)

  4. Just check your links though, the link for Haley's Halo points to GamingMyWife… ;-)

  5. Athol Kay says:

    Thanks Riaan. It was correct in the side bar but not in the post.

  6. I personally think not including Roissy renamed Chateau or Citizen Renegade on your list is pretty inexcusable.

    I realize you disagree with him greatly about marriage and many other things. However to not admit that he's been formative in your own gender realist ideas is I think almost certainly false. Roissy's tying game to Evo Psych, and his clear eyed and accurate accounting of what actually creates the strongest gina tingle or sexual attraction in women is a real contribution to gender knowledge. There's a reason there's a phenomenon called the Roissysphere and most of the blogs you do mention favorable are part of it.

    I also agree that Roissy leaves out the importance of what you like to call the beta traits in maintaining a really LTR or marriage, and in most cases in less impulsive and smarter women, in marriage mate selection. I'd prefer to call those traits mate/dad strengths rather than beta ones, because a lot of betas in sexual attraction don't have such strong mate/dad strengths either, and a lot of alphas actually are pretty good in dad/mate areas.

    I realize what you probably like least about him is his occasional misogyny, thought that's often exaggerated by his feminist and some paleoconservative white knighting critics, and much worse in some of his angry beta readers, just having the wool pulled from their eyes very recently. There's a lot of wisdom that's been coming from there though over the last three years.

  7. Athol Kay says:

    I purposely don't link to Roissy because of his advocation of violence towards women as an attraction building tactic on a few of this posts. At some point everything will blow up on him – most likely from a crackpot reader doing something extreme and claiming Roissy as inspiriation – and when he goes down I'd rather not go with him.

    I have said many times that he is most useful in explaining Alpha attraction building, but otherwise he is badly wrong about much else.


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