Birthday Wishes For Jennifer

The astute reader should be able to pick me out the line up.

…and for the record I also had a lengthy and fun (and 97% above board) Facebook chat with the person who called me out about my comments. She loves me :-)

Oh hang on, hang on….

Found it…

… nearly 16 year appearance disclaimer in effect though.

Though in truth, this is the only photo that I really care about from the wedding. I have no idea what I had just said to her. Just that when she wrinkles her nose up and half pokes / bites her tongue at me, I am hitting her sweet spot…  or will be anyway.

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  1. Antigone Amplified says:

    I can see why you care about that photo :)

    A very happy birthday to your lovely wife.

    I also think some of your posts would be great for the Spearhead – I don't think it's preaching to the converted, just providing a balanced view of real life.

  2. V says:

    OH! MY! GOD! That photo is sooo cute.

  3. Athol Kay says:

    Thanks! :-)

    That's our whole relationship summed up in a single photo.

  4. Susan Walsh says:

    Awww, I'm so glad to see your wedding photo! Thanks for sharing that. You are very lucky indeed. But then, so is Jennifer.

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