Birthday Wishes For Jennifer

The astute reader should be able to pick me out the line up.

…and for the record I also had a lengthy and fun (and 97% above board) Facebook chat with the person who called me out about my comments. She loves me :-)

Oh hang on, hang on….

Found it…

… nearly 16 year appearance disclaimer in effect though.

Though in truth, this is the only photo that I really care about from the wedding. I have no idea what I had just said to her. Just that when she wrinkles her nose up and half pokes / bites her tongue at me, I am hitting her sweet spot…  or will be anyway.


  1. Antigone Amplified says

    I can see why you care about that photo :)

    A very happy birthday to your lovely wife.

    I also think some of your posts would be great for the Spearhead – I don't think it's preaching to the converted, just providing a balanced view of real life.

  2. Susan Walsh says

    Awww, I'm so glad to see your wedding photo! Thanks for sharing that. You are very lucky indeed. But then, so is Jennifer.

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