Chicken Monkey Duck

You are required to watch the following short safe for work video for this post to make any sense.

Now unless you are some sort of sociopath, you probably liked that little song. In fact some of you have already started replaying the damn thing and are trying to read this, but are also trying to sing chicken monkey duck as you read as well. My female readers have probably just gone en mass to Facebook to update the world about this addictive little song. I’ll still be here when you get back.
It’s catchy and it’s hard not to like it and there’s a very good reason why we like it. We big brained humans love to find patterns in things and solve puzzles. Finding something semi-random that almost borders on a pattern is very stimulating and it kicks up our brains to try and solve a puzzle that may or may not have a solution.
Faced with something completely non-random and repetitive, say simply the word “chicken” as the only lyric repeated a hundred times, we’d quickly become bored and we’d hate the song. Likewise if it’s too complicated for us to figure out the pattern and it just seems totally random, we tend to just shut down and ignore it. A great example of that would be 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 69399 37510… which for those that didn’t feel woozy in math class, you’d recognize as Pi. Personally I get to 3.14 and I’m all done with caring about Pi. If you can actually memorize Pi to anything more than ten decimal places it actually turns into a Display of Low Value everywhere outside of a Star Trek convention. Even then it’s only a Display of High Value if you’re dressed as Lt.Commander Data. Though it probably would make a great password combination to lock your wife out of your laptop.
We love semi-random patterns and are stimulated by them… so…
Missionary, doggy, doggy, cowgirl, missionary, missionary, doggy, missionary, doggy, cowgirl, cowgirl, missionary, doggy, missionary, missionary, doggy, cowgirl, missionary, doggy, cowgirl, missionary, doggy, doggy, doggy, missionary…. reverse cowgirl.
Alpha, beta, beta, alpha, beta, alpha, beta, beta, beta, alpha, beta, alpha, alpha, beta, alpha, alpha, beta, beta, alpha, beta, beta, alpha, beta, alpha, alpha, alpha, beta, alpha, beta, alpha, alpha, beta…. alpha force of nature.
Kiss, kiss, spank, funny, kiss, funny, spank, spank, funny, kiss, kiss, funny, funny, spank, funny, kiss, spank, spank, kiss, funny, spank, kiss, funny, kiss, kiss, spank, funny, kiss, spank, funny, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss… money shot.


  1. thequestfor50 says:

    That was awesome, man. I saw another great video today you might appreciate (gonna post it on my blog too)…


  2. I want 4 minutes of my life back TQF50. I too am 40…

  3. vincentignatius says:

    I am a sociopath

  4. I know this marks me as fodder for a Star Trek convention (yechh), but you've left five digits out of pi starting from the 21st decimal place. (I memorized pi to 27 digits when I was young and foolish.)

  5. rosiewiklund says:

    Sure did like this post, Thanks Athol.

  6. Anon – corrected thanks. Live long and prosper.

    Vincent – well if you don't date sociopaths, then the post may still have value.

    Rosie! Long time no see.

  7. While I sat here laughing at the song my 4 year old actually started trying to sing it. I then wanted to fall out of my chair in a fit of laughter. I think I am now doomed to hear him saying, "Chicken,monkey duck" for the rest of the evening. fabulous.

  8. Melissa and Kevin says:

    Why do you assume that a woman would know less of Pi than her husband? I certainly know more about it than my husband.

  9. Oh probably because Jennifer is a math phobe.

    And because I'm sexist :-D

  10. Garrai Eoin says:

    I mean this … your best post for visual and auditory learners. I "got it" afterwards, and I really appreciate it

  11. Don't underestimate the sexiness of a guy who likes and *understands* math. *swoon* :-) Confidence is good, but a man who understands string theory, or is passionate about art history, or who can debate the merits of pieces of literature, is much sexier than a guy who's super rich or super strong. Smarts are where it's at.

    (Or, maybe, that's why I keep seing myself as the exception to most of what's written on this site. )

  12. Agree Space. Intelligence is sexy and in fact high IQ men are linked to height, facial symtetry and semen count and movement. So it's in fact a very good thing to show.

    Passion for something is also attractive, it's vibrant.

  13. Rohdewarrior says:

    I'm glad this wasn't John Madden's new Thanksgiving Dinner recipe.

  14. Anonymous says:

    @Space – what if he likes and understands math, string theory, etc, et al, *and* is super rich and super strong? :)

  15. That was hilarious. I wonder how many takes til he got it right?

    And there was a pattern – the longer hold shots (boxer ducking punch, model doing duck face, Top Gun’s Goose) add up to “duck, duck, duck, Goose! like the kid game.

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