Goldilocks And The Three Bad Boys

…and then Goldilocks tried dating the first guy, and he was tooooo Alpha…

… and then she tried dating the second guy, and he was tooooo Beta…

… and then she tried dating the third guy, and he was juuuuust right…

… The End


  1. Athol, ever see "The Foot Fist Way"? A hit and miss comedy about a try-hard beta martial art instructor. Some parts were comedic genius.

  2. I haven't. Might check it out though.

  3. Depends: When faced with "walk-away-wife" syndrome there is only one solution; Alpha man. If you can't relate, it's because you haven't been married long enough. This happens after the kids grow up enough to get self reliant (min age 8+/-) and the mom get's her life back. Further complicating this is the fact that she is probably around 40 years old and sees that her options for a better man are dying away. Her sex value is decreasing and the fear of increased powerlessness is scary. She needs to act now. Take care, she's half way out the door. I've seen it first hand with friends. I chose the alpha route and saved the marriage. My other friend tried max beta technique and chased her out the door.

  4. Self-reliant at age 8, that just made me laugh. Our daughter is in college and fairly self-reliant (not completely) now at age TWENTY-THREE! This mom never really "lost" her life as I work at home (still do), hubby and I were very, very active in all of her school years (sports, band, theater, rec sports, chaperoning trips, etc.) and that was my life and I loved it. I actually miss it a bit. But, now (at age 46 and with the daughter two hours away at college), our sex life is great (and I mean GREAT)! I do not see my "sex value" as decreasing; in fact, it is increasing. My hubby is the perfect mix of alpha and beta and I am glad he can sleep in for the next two days! LOL!

  5. I believe MWMM means by age 8 the kids are feeding themselves, dressing themselves, and cleaning themselves pretty well and don't need constant supervision and care.

  6. Sorry Anon, you're not getting it. When you see the hot bartender flirting with the 10 year younger women next to you, even though you're a hot 40+ women then the light will turn on.
    But if you have the right man and things are great why are you reading this blog?

  7. "But if you have the right man and things are great why are you reading this blog?"

    Because I'm funny and sexy of course. The ladies love me.

  8. LOL! Athol, that's exactly right! And my hubby reads it too!

  9. Seriously, though, a lot of what is needed in marriage is common sense, committment and the ability to laugh at ourselves, have fun with each other, truly like (and love!) each other and the "lust" goes right along with all of that. Like, laugh, love and lust! If a couple is committed to each other and their family (and are both reasonable thinking adults), have the four "Ls" listed above, I do believe that they can have a great marriage and keep the fires burning!!!

  10. I still not sure about what is meant by the "hot bartender" flirting with younger women and the so called "light going on" above my head. LOL! I am more confident now in my 40s (in everything I do – wink/wink) than I ever was in my 20s or 30s. The "hot bartender" and his actions with other woman would mean absolutely nothing to me! I would sit back and observe the younger women and how they reacted to him!

  11. that's because you're happily married. If you were not and were considering leaving, this would be a wake up call to act fast.

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