Resistance Is Futile


Apparently my blog is great, but I’m….
A traitorĀ for not championing Men’s Rights.
Hateful towards women for not doing something about Roissy.
An idiot for being married.
Heartless for being pro-divorce.
Leading men to their doom for being pro-marriage…
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  1. I'm a single dude and I enjoy your blog.

    Some people get it, others don't. Fuck'em.

    Although I do have to take one jab at you… C'mon dude, there are waaay better sites out there for lifting/dieting info.

  2. Someone needs some love today! Keep doing that thing you do – great blog. There needs to be some sanity out there.

    Remember, the worst thing is to be ignored.

  3. I stopped paying attention to the criticisms a long time ago. Every now and then, I'll respond, but it just isn't worth the time or stress. If a guy has a genuine question or is confused, then I'll take the time to address him, but with guys just looking for an argument or are just being bitter, they aren't worth your time. Critics come with the territory. Once you start to get them, you know that you're doing something right and that you have arrived.

  4. Ignore them. You're a bloody miracle.

  5. Ferdinand Bardamu says:

    What Assanova said. No matter who you are or what you do, there will always be detractors, complainers, and haters. Keep doing what you do and tell 'em to eff off if they don't like it.

  6. "As an aside… compliments also make my penis harder too. It's a vicious cycle"

    Um, I was going to give you a compliment for having a great blog, but the idea of making another guy hard just weirds me out.*

    Maybe instead I'll just say that Jennifer should tell you JackAmok thinks you have a great blog that's totally on his daily must-read list. And Jack's wife – though she doesn't know about your blog yet – likes it a whole lot too.**

    Anyway, a blog about mating is going to stir up a whole bunch of emotions, and there are some bitter, bitter people out there who don't want anyone upsetting their rotten apple cart. But there are other folks who really appreciate a little common sense and practical advice.

    So thanks.


    * So now your detractors can add that your commenters are homophobic. Aren't I helpful?

    ** the idea of my wife getting you hard is worse than the idea of me… okay, look, i'll just assume you're wearing baggy cargo shorts during all these compliments, so I have no idea what's going on down there. Deal?

  7. Ha, from this single guy, I think you are tops. Even without Christianity (no dig, just saying) you have beaten the modernist mantra of f*cking everything, literally and figuratively, and letting the chips fall whichever way they will. You are going against a serious grain. And, successfully. The naysayers, like myself, are simply jealous. As for those who think you aren't tending womens' needs, they are just another version of the nihilist modernists. You are taking care of womens' needs one woman at a time… and quite a handful that is.

    Anyway, if they give you more gruff just tell them, from me if necessary, to "Blow". If you or they need more explicit details, I will draw a picture and email it to you to pass on to them. I'm not an artist, but I can relay simple data easily.

    Have a good one. Next time you and the wife get close, I mean good close, remember all us fobs who only have pillows or whores or sluts and transmit a little of the good feeling out for us. Bah!

  8. Ms Lacrymosa says:

    I rather like the title of this post on some level…lol, it's very alpha.

    I also think you're having a touching romance with your wife. There should be more of that. The rest of the "constructive criticism" is less relevant to a blog about a married man's sex life.

  9. Ignore the rabble. You're saving marriages, and quite possibly lives. You've said before that if you don't change the situation, the only ways to deal with a sexless marriage are leaving, cheating, or just enduring it. There's a fourth option, though I suppose it could be a variant of leaving. You're saving lives, man.

  10. Thank you all.

  11. PFFFTTT!!!!!!!!!! That is all I have to say to the goofs who don't get it. Multiple issues abound with them ie: no sense of humor, no sex drive, not enough sex drive…etc etc..

    You keep on doing what your doing, you know you have made a great case for yourself and what you talk about! And most of us love it! :D

  12. mathedpotatoes says:

    Since compliments are appreciated by you I will say that when I first found this blog a month ago I read all the old posts in two weeks and have kept up with it. It is changing my marriage for the better. Keep it up! I'll buy the book!

  13. Have some fun and post the complaints/compliments.

  14. "Writing too much about sex." "Not writing enough for women." "A traitor for not championing men's rights."

    Why do people bother writing that? Do they think you don't know exactly what kind of content you are creating? These are the same people who will call you sexist as if you didn't realize it and choose to be so anyway. Let them start their own damn blogs.

  15. I was going to tell you what a great job you have been doing, but then I saw the unfortunate effect this would likely have.

    Then I was going to tell you to keep it up, but somehow that seems inappropriate as well.

    Well, anyway, have a nice day.

  16. I love your blog. I get excited whenever I see a new post in my feed.

  17. I found your blog almost a month ago. AND I AM AN ADDICT. This site has helped my marriage more than any other thing I can think of (with the exception of our engagement encounter weekend). But I wasn't having sex issues then. HA. I am a woman and I have put some of your prospectives into action to get my husband's attention. Let's just say DAMN…it is working well. We went from sex about once a week to some type of feel awesome everyday (nearly). :) I am so happy to be able to get back on track with him sexually. It was me that needed a wake up call, his intereste in me has never waned. Plus I left your blog up one day in attempt to "trap" him with it…and I have seen some of your gaming coming out in him and I could not be happier.

  18. i love your blog, everything you right reflects my life and the way my husband acts and jennifer is lucky to have you (im sure she knows it). a little too much of the roissysphere seems to act like NO MAN ON EARTH wants the love and companionship that can come from a good marriage or that you are defective as a male if you do. this is only because the role of the husband has been so utterly destroyed by the multitude of submissive weirdos defining it in the culture right now. really, LTR game used to just be called "being a man" and no man on earth has EVER been thought of as LESS MANLY for marrying–i guess until women became intolerable. there have always been peacocking casanovas and lotharios and while they were accorded grudging respect for being able to bed many different high class women they were also always pitied to some extent by both men and women fo rleading what was thought of as a dissolute life

  19. Anonymous Couple says:

    Not too bad then!

  20. Thank you, thank you…

    …Jennifer come here! I've had many compliments!

  21. Miles Anderson says:

    People who want to attack you for not taking on a platform they can't make work are not worth listening to. The thing about Roissy is a good example. He is in{cite,sight}ful. That means you have to put some effort into learning from what he has to say but also that the work is worth it. Those who can't pick out the parts that make sense for them are also going to be those people that just don't deal with life very well 'cuz they can't think critically. And if they can't think critically I doubt they can take what you have to say, mold it to their situation, and see gains.

  22. wonkawilly says:

    I'm with Assanova here too.

    Honestly, I enjoy the haters I get, they made me feel like I must be doing something right

  23. Meg at Demanding Joy says:

    It took me awhile to get used to the haters on my blog. I would write about something whimsical or generally insignificant in the big picture and I would be genuinely hurt when someone would react to it with hate and rage. I've been called a bitch, a traitor to women, a weak 50's wife, a terrible mother…in general I suck.

    I've come to believe that it's an ironic sign of our success. If people disturbed enough to type that garbage are coming out of the woodwork, then it must mean that we're getting a great amount of traffic to our blogs.

    Anyway, I'm a married woman in my 30's and I'm a big fan. Please keep it up.

  24. If you're out there, and nobody hates you, then you're not really out there.

    Watch Pokemon with the kids. Never going to quite be the same. Thanks for THAT …

  25. Confidunce says:

    Your blog is exactly what the PUA blogosphere needed. Screw the critics.

  26. :( no one hates my blog.

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