Sexy Move: Dirty Talk

Most women enjoy dirty talk in bed. Often this is limited to the bedroom and not an all area pass. I.e. calling her a “hot little slut” as you are all hot, sweaty and flinging the covers off the top of you and on to the floor is sexy goodness. Calling her a “hot little slut” in the checkout line at the supermarket is another. Proper etiquette when standing in line to not say that sort of thing at all, but to text it.
If you struggle to come up with dirty things to say, just…
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  1. Dirty talk — meaning sportscaster-style stuff in bed, not everyday banter — is anti-sexy as far as I'm concerned. It improves sex in about the same way that an ongoing commentary ("Ooh, the chewed-up food is sliding down my esophagus now!") contributes to one's enjoyment of a good meal.

    You're right that women like it, though.

  2. Oh yeah it's not meant to sound like Morgan Freeman is narrating the foreplay.

    Well… not unless she has a thing for Morgan Freeman anyway.

  3. I too, love dirty talk! I have flat out told my husband exactly what to say. His response: I can't call you that! I love you! …doesn't get it (sigh!) Men are inhibited in this area; I blame the Madonna-Whore complex.

    It's also nice to get a little verbal feedback, some of us like to know we have superior "skill sets."

  4. Anon that's got to be annoying lol. Suggest trying to play it back at him, "I'm sorry I can't have sex I'm just too pure!" See where it goes lol.

  5. Always convey the impression that you want and expect more.

    If she has her legs spread wide or high, tell her to stop resisting and spread wider and higher. If she is sucking your cock, give her explicit directions. Be a bit testy, as if she is not doing it right. Be sparing with praise. Make her do it exactly the way you want.

    If she is dressed sexy, make her dress sexier. Send her back for an outfit you like better.

    Give her directions. "On your back". "Get over the side of the bed". Don't use too many words. Assume compliance.

    Run the show.

    It's all about fucking her hard. Then she gets a cuddle.

    David Collard

  6. Wow. Like.

  7. Oh, I should say I am a woman! ( the Wow. Like. comment).

  8. Yeah, talking dirty does absolutely nothing for me. But I do it for the ladies.

  9. Athol, I wish I had the guts to show this blog to my husband. I have been wanting for my husband to talk to me during sex, even if it is only an “ongoing commentary”. Women are more verbal- at least this shy, quiet, Christian, homeschooling mom who always has her nose in a book is. Words, communication are important. To me, it takes it from an act that husband does to wife to something you are doing together. I don’t know if I can put it into words. ha ha Oh, dear Lord help me.

    It also helps me relax. Like the first time he told me he wanted to try anal. I wanted to please him but I was nervous. He didn’t say anything. I go around for a couple of weeks feeling used. Next time he wants to do it again, I am hesitating but I want to please him, but it hurts, but.. . He whisper/growls into my ear, “It’s okay if you don’t want to but your ass is so hot…” and then during he would tell me what he felt, “so tight”, “skin so smooth” That time it went much better. I think it also helped him slow down and be gentler.

    I’m probably overs-sharing but I know I want more sexy/dirty talk.

  10. After reading the comments from the men, I didn’t realize that they wouldn’t like to do this. Are men generally like this? Wouldn’t they want to do something that really turned on their wives?

  11. DaisyGirl.

    I love talking dirty to my wife, but I rarely get a response back from her. To slip into sexy mode she has to concentrate and forget about our two little human cannonballs (both boys) that wear her out on a daily basis.

    As an example, the 16 month old, ran over to the open dishwasher as I was emptying it, grabbed the butcher knife by the handle, and pulled it straight out of the dishwasher and held it up like Jason Voorhees after his latest teenager killing.


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