Sexy Move: Manscaping

Manscaping… ok relax… I know that it can get taken a little far and start looking a little… well… gay. I’m not suggesting you turn yourself into a smooth bottomed twink like Justin Beiber here.
However there is nothing wrong with trimming some of the excess body hair back to a reasonable level. If you’re covered in long thick hair like Chewbacca, it’s going to be hard for her to relax and snuggle up with her head on your shoulder if she’s fighting for an airway. Or a single long hair somehow snakes its way up her nose.
She’s not going to want to go down on you if it feels like she’s trying to find a hotdog buried in a shag carpet.
My solution is fairly simple… the trimmers we use to shave my head each week also come with a bunch of attachments for different lengths. About once a month or so I just take the No.3 attachment and tidy up the body hair and the department of down there. I still look male in that I have chest hair etc, but it just looks more managed and groomed. It’s fast too, about ten minutes and I’m all done. Plus it makes my cock look huge. Majestic even. Say hello to Goliath ladies…
As an aside… I know how after a couple drinks things start sounding like a really good idea. I very much suggest you don’t use the following anywhere near your balls. However if you wish to experiment by putting a long strip of industrial strength packing tape on a hairy part of your body and yank it off hard, it will indeed rip the hair just fucking OUT.


  1. My wife mentioned I was starting to look like a Chia Pet. I have never been hairy but suddenly I had hair everywhere!

    I use the #3 and it works just fine and she appreciates not having to pick hair out of her mouth :)

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