Sexy Move: Tuck Her In…

Jennifer is tired and heading to bed early… I’m going to go tuck her in.

After the plant warfare yesterday she looks like she needs a good tucking…
After that, I’m going to leaf through the 100 page CDC report that I stumbled upon here. Well assuming my legs still work properly after the tucking.


  1. amazing. this is our nightly ritual as we keep different hours. every night no matter what i have a "tuck in" session (often a bit more than a tuck in too, natch). it is often the highlight of a busy day–especially if we didn't get to see each other a lot that day. sometimes its just me lying on his chest while he has a cigarette then says goodnight, othe rnights its a long discussion of something in our lives or news of the world. even if we have been fighting that day we do it–it tends to quiet things down and make it easier to wake up and be nice. its really uplifting to come to this blog and see some many things that support what my husband and i do to keep our marriage happy. youre providing a great service athol

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