Slice Of Heaven

And for the record I didn’t just tease and play hard to get today. Jennifer was working all day and returned home to…
Dinner: Roast Chicken and Mashed Potatoes. My speciality, the roast chicken is really good.
Wine: Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc. Cheap but plentiful and such that we both like it.
Giftage: A big multiple photo picture frame for somewhere. Ten photos staggered around the word “Family”. She loved that. The book of “The Blindside”, she saw the movie and it’s foster care related and she loves to read. A pair of jumbo cupcake baking sheets. This sounds like a crappy gift, but it’s intended as “mini-pie” baking sheets. The whole family loves New Zealand styled meat pies, but lots of luck finding the right sort of baking tins to make them in here. It’s kind of a silly gift but she liked it. Hey I asked for a laundry basket for my 40th, so pie tins is fair play and turnabout.
Card: That exploded into song and blinking lights when opened. This at first scared her lol.
Kids: Not bored and waiting to pounce on her opening the gifts.
Cake: I baked! Minor help from youngest. Yummy ginger cake and cream cheese icing. Big up to my girl Betty Crocker. I’m not really a cake fan but I really liked this combo. Not too sweet.
Sex Toy: I picked up a little combination cock ring / mini clit vibe to play her with later. I tried it on earlier and it was a tighter fit than I thought… nearly tore myself trying to get it off and it defintely took eight hairs with it as I pried it free. I’m thinking a little lube may be in order. As always the “only 30% of the things we try work for us” disclaimer is in effect. This may work, it may not.
And for the record… this is all, and I mean ALL Beta game sort of stuff. The purpose is not so much to make her fall in love with me – that’s the Alpha trait sort of thing – but to make her feel comfortable, loved and cared for. She works very hard and gives her all. You can’t just keep up an endless bad boy routine without having her ache for a little pampering and concern for her needs too.
Alpha and Beta. Got to have both.
Something from the achives…


  1. Well done! You should try to post this on The Spearhead; they are looking for new writers and simply love this type of story over there ("snort, snort").

    Might I make a suggestion on a couples sex toy?
    We-Vibe; google it; best toy ever.

  2. Oh please, this would cause a riot on the Spearhead. :-)

  3. Antigone Amplified says:

    How thoughtful- what a lovely gesture on your wife's birthday.

    Not many blogs around combining recipe ideas with sex toy advice…unfortunately ;)

  4. Athol – can you point me in the direction of info pertaining to 'falling in love' being associated with Alpha traits, and the Longer term comfort love as 'Beta'?

  5. Anon – it's an essential theme on this blog. As a jumping off point you can start here

    But in general if you start reading around my defintion of Alpha and Beta Male Traits up in the tabs at the top you'll start to see it more and more.

  6. thanks – I found the work of Dr Fisher interesting – but has she made the link between types of love and Alpha traits?

  7. Not sure if she has or not. I suspect not though.

  8. I ask because it seems somewhat counter-intuitave to say that falling in love is associated with Alpha traits. I can understand elements of sexual attraction being driven by Alpha traits – but falling in love? Surely it makes sense that would be more a combination or A&B which is the core message behind this blog?

  9. Attraction = Alpha = in love = Dopamine

    Comfort Building = Beta = pair bond = Oxytocin/Vasopressin

    Sex Drive = Physical = general horniness = Testosterone

  10. Beta, perhaps, but it is fun anyway. I don't think of a wife as a friend, that coming from a single guy (albeit I have had long term things). It is sort of a bull and cow thing, she milks, he… well, you know. Anyway, I don't think husband and wife, just as parents and children, are necessarily friends. But it is nice to be friendly once in a while. Nice shot.

    Looks like the type of thing that might even bring a tear to a woman's eye, in a good way. That doesn't cut it in the long run, but it can change her perspective and lends to good feelings all around in the short term. Just… don't get caught there. Thankfully, with you, I don't think that is a problem.

  11. Steve English says:

    "in love = Dopamine
    Comfort Building = pair bond = Oxytocin/Vasopressin
    Sex Drive = Physical = general horniness = Testosterone"

    yes we have some interesting research for this – but where is the evidence come from for aligning Alpha and Beta traits?! Is it just conjecture as I suspect? This is one of the problems when you let science out into the public domain – it gets loosely interpreted to suit various beliefs…IF that is what is happening here…

    Forgive my attitude on this – but really – Ive had some of the most 'beta' male friends have women madly in love with them – so aside from the concept of in love being 'alpha' trait specific being counter-intuitive to me – Ive seen plenty of evidence in real life where that doesn't stand up. I think its a simplification from the 'Game' crowd which typically is slightly cynical and inaccurate usage of research or science. I may as well be honest and say its good old Steve the contrary englishman again…but honestly – Im not kicking up a stink for the sake of it – I genuinely want to get the the bottom of where this comes from as I want to know for sure if what Im reading is correct…if you could tell me what the source is of this concept I'd be grateful then at least I can make a judgement on how seriously to take it…

  12. Steve's opinions again says:

    Let me just explain why I call the 'Game' crowd cynical. It is because I think that many of this crowd are previously strongly beta or fearful of being beta males and feel like this is the only reason they have sufferer rejection their whole lives – and they have reacted in a way which over-compensates and assumes that Alpha is and must be 'better' on all fronts – and that any aspect of life that is secondary – is a 'beta' trait. So literally everything ends up being divided up into this polar 'A or B' where is Beta for them is essentially a pejorative. Theirs is an over-reaction – typical of insecurity, in fact the less secure – the more obvious and crass their game is in attempting to be 'alpha'…and shaming the concept of 'beta'…

  13. Doom – Jennifer is clearly my best friend, but she is also not just my best friend.

    Steve – keep reading around this blog. I very much agree that Alpha and Beta are not polar opposites but two completely separate sets of traits.

    The post above is the best starting point.

    I admit that there is an element of conjecture in that it's not peer reviewed etc, but there seems to be a huge agreement from the PUA community that women do respond to displays of social dominance and confidence, and this appears to be standard across other species as well.

    Your "Beta" friends probably do have a good handle on the Beta Traits, but in specific to their partners they probably have at some point acted very assertively towards them and modeled Alpha traits in specific.

    In my own case I am heavily Beta and low Alpha by nature, but in relation to Jennifer I essentialy became highly aggressive and took firm steps to remove her boyfriend (successfully) and displayed a few other Alpha styled odds and ends as well. All somewhat out of sync with "me". I've learned to up the Alpha over the length of our marriage.

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