Sometimes A Girl Just Wants To Park

I’m betting that she dumps him once she gets the parking spot.
Obviously she’s a bit of a bitch, but you get that with colossal displays of male weakness.
Anyway, it’s funny because it’s just a parking spot. It’s when you buy a house with girlfriends that hate you that you really wish you had a parking spot experience early on.
Learn and adapt.
Obviously the answer is to have the parking spot in your name. If she gives you too much trouble and the relationship comes to an end, you can have her car towed.


  1. Here I thought this was going to be a post about married people 'parking' like they were still a high-school, dating couple…

  2. Well you can do that do of course. Occassionally I misdirect the reader.

    Actually I've had a recent long back and forth with someone who isn't married, but purchased a house with his non-working girlfriend who has since upped the ante into trying to collect more crap than Barbie. He can't even fully break up with her without a real estate short sale…

  3. I really hope a MAN took that boy aside and explained life to him…that's just gonna end bad otherwise.

  4. Men always pay for sex, cash or credit, but the always pay.

  5. All he has to do is invite a few buddies to come live with him for a while. Problem will solve itself in under a month.

  6. @Anonymous, not true. You know what my gf gets for sex? Sex. I told her as much after a conversation on the subject, and she agreed. There is a lot of power in being able to take it or leave it, by the way, or at least appearing that way. A lot.
    @cryptidon, if this guy has male friends, they need to straighten him out.

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