Survived An Affair? Want To Be On Oprah?

Yes this is legit….
Why do people cheat? And how does it impact their relationships with spouses, lovers, friends, and family. The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) is currently casting a new series called “Unfaithful” which examines infidelity among couples. The show features couples who have been forced to face the fallout that so often goes along with being unfaithful.
We are looking for couples with compelling stories about infidelity of all types. Both sides must be willing to be open and honest about their experiences. If you are interested, please email Patrick Hartz at for more details.
Ok ok, so I told a tiny little white lie in the title, you won’t be sitting on the comfy couch with Oprah herself, my leverage isn’t quite that good and for some reason her cell phone keeps losing signal when I call her, but isn’t being on any sort of TV your destiny anyway?
I did get to see the pilot episode that Patrick forwarded on to me and it’s very good. Great production values, pacing and really showed the emotional intensity of affairs very well. Excellent at showing the horror of waking up and realizing the grass isn’t greener and mistakes have been made. Both heartbreaking in watching actors replaying the drama of critical moments as the couple narrated and heartwarming in seeing the rekindling of love and a life together. I liked it.
Though I admit I about threw my soda at the screen when one wife gave the “I Love You But I’m Not In Love With You” line and the husband just folded like a chump not realizing another man was involved. Maybe I’m simplifying things a little much, but everyone needs a class in Game before they marry. I. Shall. Fix. This.
So if you’re interested give Patrick a tinkle at As an aside – I get nothing for this, I just liked the pilot and cheating wrecks lives. Showing some of the ugly inner workings is a helpful and noble cause.  Though of course please mention who sent you… and naturally how awesome it would be if… well… you know… maybe I could um… have my own show.


  1. Miles Anderson says:

    If you can read this blog and completely omegaize yourself by going on such a TV show I got a bridge to sell ya'.

  2. Miles! You aren't helping me in my plan for domination of all media!

    I'll agree there are potential pitfalls for those involved but you never know who it reaches out to. Overall though I thought the show had value.

    Quite often in affairs that recover "everybody knows" about it anyway as part of the outing and associated drama.

  3. Women cheat for romance, or hypergamy. Men cheat for sex.

    Properly used Game should fix both.

  4. I still want to believe my ILYBINILWY did not include another man. Logistics – I couldn't see how it was possible. OTOH, it was a "walk away wife" syndrome in the making.

  5. MWMM – Basically cheaters lie, lie and then lie some more. So when you hear ILYBINILWY you may as well assume cheating. Far more often than not there's cheating happening.

    In the show one husband didn't even know about the affair until four months after the divorce. She just filed and said ILYBINILWY and it's over. The affair had been going on for 18 months before the divorce. Every week in a hotel room.

  6. fair enough. I choose to make it work anyway implementing max game. Now it's a complete reverse situation – she works hard to please me. With kids in the mix, this was the best option. I keep up the flirting as usual, especially with her friends, but also with hot young waitresses and store salesgals. There's nothing more appealing to a 40something woman than to think her man can pick up a 25 year old babe. Well, maybe one other thing: her best friend telling her you could pick them up. This doesn't apply if the wife is ugly, then you just get complaining (and an ugly wife)

  7. LOL

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