The Rhododendrons Of Unusual Size

I’m not a huge yard work fan. Yet in the last few days I have mowed the lawn, trimmed the shrubs back, and done the majority of the grunt work of hacking down the Rhododendrons Of Unusual Size (ROUS) that blocked out the view of the street from the 1st floor of the house.
Actually we’re in a split level so perhaps we’re on the 0.5st floor or the 1.5st floor, I’m not really sure which. Anyway, we’re quite high up and the ROUS were blocking the view of the street. Youngest is now in middle school and waits for the school bus across the road, down the street, around the corner but still in direct line of sight of our living room window. Except the ROUS totally blocks the view, so it’s kind of more like pine of sight than anything.
Jennifer didn’t particularly complain about the ROUS, but I understood that she…
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  1. This tale cracked me up, but I can't help but feel a little sad that it doesn't include trying to drag the ROUS away in Jennifer's car.

  2. I like the story, but especially the editing..I assume the humor was all done post-production by jennifer?

  3. Booooo Margie, just boooooo!

    Ulysses – what's really funny is that we both have Saturn Ions for a cars. So there would no other reason to use her car other than to not use mine. :-)

  4. Are you sore (bruised) today Athol?

    I can only imagine there was a lot of knee slapping during the writing phase and arm slapping in the editing room.

  5. Yeah I caught a couple slaps, the hardest for the use of the word "neglect" lol.

  6. This was my perfect ending to a yucky day…I laughed out loud several times…and just the use of shenanigans is enough to send me over the edge..LMAO!!!!

    Excellent Editing Jennifer…we will give you all of the credit… ;)

  7. ROUSs? I don't believe they exist.

  8. FINALLY!!! Finally someone got the easter egg!

    Yay Cusick!

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