Toying With Other Women

This is one of those jokes you can just save up and unleash at the perfect moment.
The setup is when a female announces that she’s going to ask you a question, but doesn’t actually ask the question.
She: “Hey I need to ask you something”
Then you answer by looking faux defensive, best done by holding your hands in front of you as if to ward her off,  but with a knowing little smile and say…
Me: “Oh I’m really flattered, but I’m married“.
As long as she has any level of general attraction for you, and you deliver it with confidence, she’ll love the line. I think it has something to do with both sexualizing the conversation, but also the humor in that you’re trying to sexually defuse it as well. Plus it frames you as the hot one and that she’s the one with the sexual interest. And the preselection mention of a woman you are already having sex with (you wife) and your sexual fidelity as well.
So anyway, I happened to use the line on a cute 23 year old today. Her original intent was to settle an argument with a coworker about whether or not Splenda was made of sugar. She laughed at my line then as I answered her actual question she interestingly snaked her arm around my waist.
Which was a perfect segue into me just smiling and walking away and doing something else.


  1. Speechless says:

    You're walking a line here.

    How would you feel if you knew your wife was flirting with young, hot guys?

  2. Oh she can flirt if she wants. Fair play is turn about. She actually has this charming sparkley eye gaze and giggle routine that I don't even think she's aware off that hooks everyone in.

    The important thing here is sexual confidence though. Often guys feel sexual losers if rejected by their wives, and then the wife start reacting negatively to their sense of low confidence. Sometimes all it takes is a little flash of attention from an "impartial observer" to make you get a little more giddy up in your step. Then the wife can respond motr easily to that.

    In anycase if you're not generally attractive to all women, your probably not specifically attractive to your wife either.

  3. There's nothing hotter to your wife then to see that you're capable to pickup a hot 25 year old girl. Sorry, it doesn't work the other way. OTOH, if she's flirting with the hot 25 year old girl, then it's also hot.

  4. Kickboxer Girl says:

    I can easily get men in their twenties because they think I’m their age but when my husband sees it, he gets angry.

    When I see him flirting with women I’m soooooo turned on other women want him (regardless of their age)! Go figure.

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