Golden Balls

I’ve used the Game Theory (as opposed to Game… er… theories) of Prisoners Dilemma as a framework for understanding husband and wifely interactions. Most particularly as to how the Nice Guy approach can lead to ultimate failure.
Then I spotted a video of this game show on Eve’s Library that has a final round of Prisoners Dilemma. For visual learners it may be very helpful.

Of course in real life, the game is played over multiple rounds and the game show is too. So what happens when they can’t cooperate together and we get to the final round? The punchline is around the 20 second mark lol.

I admit that digging around on YouTube it seems that there were an awful lot of female contestants plugging the Steal option at the end. I suspect that the more dramatic ones made the the uploading to YouTube though.
But a final one… Not All Women Are Like That? Or Fear The Vaginas With The Teeth?


  1. What kills me is how reckless the woman in the second video is. She's willing to let the world see her larcenous heart for what it is, for less than 4 quid. If you're going to tip such a hand, at least do it for substantial gain, not for pocket change.

    The difference between the first video and the third reminds me of advice from The Art of War, by Sun Tzu: overtures of peace, unaccompanied by a sworn covenant, indicate a plot. Notice which female is forthcoming with her own promise and which one isn't.

  2. I think the first guy basically gives it away that he'll split and she never says that she will. The outcome seem pretty set.

  3. Yes, indeed, we see the same thing. Man #1 and man #3 both gave it away that they'd split. Woman #3 offered her own promise to split, and woman #1 didn't, and the respective outcomes were as you might expect.

  4. Woman in #1 smiling after wards is WTF.

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