Husband Surgery = Wife Naughty Nurse Sponge Bath Requirement

“I’ve read the two posts about coming back from an injury, yet I am interested in how to prevent the downhill spiral that those posts talk about. Two things that entered my mind are stay in shape and the ten second kiss, yet I feel like I’m too stressed at the moment to connect the dots and see other options.
My husband just underwent surgery due to an injury and he’s looking at months of rehab. Even oral sex is out of the question right now. We’re a team and we’ll get through this tough time, but I’d like to prevent having to hit rock bottom and work our way back again if at all possible. Any ideas? Even a post of links to subjects you’ve already covered could help us.”
Great question. I think the key here is not to fixate on what you can’t do, but what you can do. I think by “even oral sex is out of the question” you mean he can’t do it to you, so unless I am mistaken you can both still orgasm. So if nothing else you make sure that orgasms keep happening for both of you.
So for his orgasm there are I assume easy fairly standard options for you to give blowjobs and handjobs. For your orgasms it’s probably masturbation by hand or with a vibrator. But you can certainly include him as much as possible it that act. Why couldn’t cuddle up to him and be close while you masturbate? He may not be able to do much with you at first other than be close, but over time he can do more and more as he gets better. So snuggle up and get yourself off next to him with his arm around you, then get him off too.
Assume for a moment that he wasn’t injured… what would you do to him if he was tied to the bed? Surely there’s an element of playful teasing and toying you could do to him as he’s laid up for a bit. As long as you finally grant him release he should enjoy it. Maybe not every time, but maybe once in a while.
Why not take it a step further and blindfold him and tease him?
Also if him doing oral on you is something you both like, it may be possible for him to lie on his back with you straddling him. Maybe you get yourself 90% of the way to orgasm and he finishes you off the last little bit.
There’s no reason you couldn’t dress to please him either. Heck does no one have the naughty nurse sponge bath idea anymore? And he has to do his PT exercises or no special sponge bath. Wink wink.
Hang in there. Talk about things together. Given the choices of no sex, lonely masturbation, or lets make the best of what we can of it together sex, I think the last option is the best. If nothing else you need it as much as he does. Hopefully this is just a season in a long and happy marriage. Maybe there are things you learn about each other through this that make the rest of it, including the sex, better than it would have been.
And if he’s having trouble pooping from the combination of narcotic pain medication and lack mobility… I really recommend Miralax. Get off the narcotics as soon as he can, they are short term salvation, long term hell.
Flagged under “Her Sexy Transformation” and “How To Choose A Wife” quite purposely. Let me know how you both do.


  1. thequestfor50 says

    Sage advice, Athol. I just hurt my leg tonight, maybe I'll have to utilize some of this sooner rather than later…

  2. Anonymous says

    You hit the nail on the head right from the beginning: "the key here is not to fixate on what you can't do, but what you can do."

    We were both focused on what we couldn't do anymore! And not just in the sex area, but also that his injury happened just days before our scheduled vacation which we had to cancel and that he can't do long bike tours or hikes right now.

    We'll be trying out some of your ideas. Thanks!

  3. Athol Kay says

    You are welcome. If you want email me his injury / limitation type and I might have even more creative explicit ideas that work. I'm good like that.

    There's always movies, books, cards, talking yada yada yada as well. Hikes and bike rides will hopefully come back, but maybe now is a season to learn a whole new skill set and depth of relationship together.

  4. Anonymous says

    "maybe now is a season to learn a whole new skill set and depth of relationship together."

    Athol, you are so smart. When do you start taking appointments for 'one on one' with husbands? I've got one that needs to come see you.

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