Part 1: All Things Being Equal Assume Love

I’m a fairly firm believer in the law of attraction, just not so much in the sitting around on your ass and playing make believe makes magic happen variant that is popular. Simply that the opportunity to take action coupled with a positive mindset and reasonable hope of good outcome usually has a better result than the same action coupled with a sense of impending doom or intent on the possibility of failure.
In terms of marriage / women, approaching it / them as if they are somehow badly manufactured hand grenades that may simply explode at random can create patterns of your own behavior, that may in fact play a role in causing the very outcome you wish to avoid. If for example you are always holding back a little for fear of the final fall, it may be that same holding back that makes her question your love and interest in her. This is what is called a self-fulfilling prophecy.
All things being equal and obvious wrong intent aside, assume your wife is acting with good intentions. It is often the words spoken in those moments of misunderstanding and confusion that sting the most. It’s when she was trying to do something nice, but you thought she wasn’t and said something harsh about it.

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