Sexy Halloween? Why Not Sexy Whenever?

Halloween is like a green light to flirt as every fertile woman seems to have what amounts to the same costume…

“Sexy (something)”

The costume above is reversible and covers the full range of female personality lol. One likes the Alpha and one likes the Beta. Same girl if you notice though…. there’s a point in there somewhere.
Make a move on her when she’s wearing her costume.
And everything goes on sale tomorrow… no reason you can’t play dress up on days other than October 31st.


  1. Jack Strawman says:

    There are so many hot and sexy costumes for Halloween these days, I am completely blown away.

  2. SerenaDante says:

    I'm pretty sure these costumes are sold in lingerie stores year round (if they're the kind of stores that have dress-up stuff, anyway). Lol.

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