Sexy Move: Return The Favor

I’ve said a number of times before that only about 30% of what you try in bed actually works for you. You may get a hot sex tip from a friend that just raves about it, but for you it’s just simply awkward or dull.
As an example Jennifer and I sometimes do a rear entry position where I lie on my back and she lies on her back on top of me. It works for us because she’s petite and I’m far larger and solid. If I was medium sized and she was too, I’d probably just be too crushed under her to enjoy it. As it is my enjoyment of that particular position ends roughly a tenth of a second after I orgasm as my Body Agenda suggests quite firmly to get 120 or so pounds of wife the hell off me so I can breathe.
Likewise we can look at pictures of face to face sex where the woman has her legs thrown up over the man’s shoulders and it looks sexy and hot. However we have tried this and Jennifer simply does not bend that way. Not even close.
So you mess around together and keep trying stuff until you find what works.
However sometimes your partner likes something and you don’t. It’s not so much of a dislike of anything, just not a turn on, so the idea of doing it to your partner may never occur to you.
Personally I don’t care very much for biting. When I was a teenager I had a 9 year old cousin bite me on the forearm and I mean really sink his chompers into my arm and just frakking bite me. I don’t even know why he bit me even, it was very random. As a result I have basically written him off as a human being and never bothered with him again. That’s how not into biting I am.
Anyway over the last few months I’d noticed Jennifer giving me a couple little nips on the neck during playtime. In general I appreciated the passion, but got nothing from them as a turn on. In fact I think I told her to knock it off during a longer session where I racked up several little nips. Do not want.
Last night as an experiment I gave her a little nip… and she did this whole clutch / moan / writhe and sigh routine. So I think she might have liked it. I repeated the experiment a few times and post playtime recap reveals 1-2 little nips good for her, 3+ is a distraction please stop. Which is no problem because biting her isn’t much of a turn on for me, but I don’t mind doing it to turn her on.
So sometimes what your partner does to you is actually what they want to be done to them and turns them on. In any case it’s worth trying it out and seeing if you found something new in the 30% of things that work.
If not… um… suggest you don’t break the skin first time around….


  1. That's a great tip. There are lots of times I'll try something on my husband hoping he will reciprocate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    120lbs = petite? I thought I was average at 120lbs/5ft 4in. hm.

    I must admit that it is cool that you know how much your wife weighs. My husband recently guessed my weight to be ten pounds MORE than what I am. So NOT cool!

  3. Too true.

    FYI, last week I tried the rear entry move you posted last week. Not so much, I'm afraid. Loved the fact of the experiment, though.

  4. Anonymous says:

    And always remember, if she says, "a little to the left" that's your right.

  5. So, I'm going to be the dick here and say it.

    What about reciprocating being sexy? When one partner works to keep their body in shape and brings new suggestions to the bedroom, while the other doesn't?

  6. Athol Kay says:

    That's kind of what the whole blog is about The Dick.

    Keep reading?

  7. Here’s it put another way with a hilarious food analogy-

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