Sexy Move: Ten Second Kiss Revisited

I tried going for the 10-second kiss on my wife without much result. As you say, after about 4 seconds her defense mechanism kicks in and she starts to be suspicious of the kiss and pulls away. Sometimes it might even be hard to initiate a deep kiss all together since she “playfully” pulls away at the start. Sticking with “safe” little pecks.

So to circumvent all that pulling away: put her against the wall, fridge, whatever and go in for the kiss. Unless she starts pushing you away you are good to go. Her head can’t go anywhere so she is forced to stick it through or push you away. Very Alpha-like in my opinion. :)”
If her defense mechanisms are kicking in, forcing the issue is likely to backfire. Cornering her is going to make them kick in even earlier.
The Alpha part is the “walking away and doing something else” post kiss. It’s just like the shower move that you can “take it or leave it” so to speak. It leaves her fighting with her own sexual desires and sexual reluctance. Without having to defend against you, her defenses come down. If you walk away she experiences it not as a moment that she may have to defend against, but as a lost opportunity for something she might have actually wanted.
If she can only tolerate 4 seconds, break it off at 3 and happily walk away and continue with your day.
In any case the ten second kiss is best done with a willing partner. Does she know and understand the purpose of the kiss? If she doesn’t, then tell her. She is more likely to comply with it if she understands your intent. Because the kiss works on a biological / chemical level, it doesn’t matter overly much why she agrees to it, just that she does it with you. Over time it will bond you together better.
Women don’t mind being gamed. Why not just say you read about it as a marriage technique thing and want to to try it with you. She’s got to have ten seconds to work on her marriage right…
Or just goof it up and start singing and dancing to…

Cocky, funny and over confidence for the win.


  1. My girlfriend often holds kisses (the deep passion filled kind) with me for close to half a minute.
    Leaves me gasping for air.
    My wife however pulls away after about 3 seconds of so if it is a continuous kiss.
    The odd thing is that she will kiss longer (non continuous) overall than the girlfriend.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Very interesting. We look forward to more compare/contrast-style essays from you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    haha… nice one. I rarely post on blogs, but I appreciate comments that make me laugh :)


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