Sexy Move: Use Daddies Little Minions

Hi Athol, have been reading your blog for a few months and really enjoy it. I greatly appreciate the balanced view portrayed here.
Ayway, question: I find that one of the best ways to get insanely good sex from my wife is to be a good father to our daughter. If I take her fishing, or hiking, or just spend an hour hanging out at the kitchen table telling bad knock-knock jokes, I am more often than not rewarded that very evening with seduction and nastiness that I didn’t even have to work for. In your experience, is this normal? And do you want to take a stab at explaining it? I love spending time w/ my daughter so I can’t say I’ve ever intentionally used this method to procure booty, but there have been times down by the pond where my daughter asks me, “Daddy, why are you smiling like that?”.
Best Regards, Eric
Hi Eric,
being good with the kids is in my mind a positive trait and excellent at working with the ladies. Remember the golden rule of what is sexy is “anything that is good for the making and raising of children“. Being a good father and being engaging with the children is pretty much hitting the bullseye.
I suspect that simply caring for and “loving” the children is Beta and supportive, while that leading and being dominant over the children is an Alpha display. (Leading and dominating may be known by other names… like tickle fight monster.)  So you can hit both the Alpha and Beta traits very easily with one thing.
I also think that having pulled the children’s attention on to you and held it, you’re actually creating a social preselection styled effect. Your framing yourself as the Alpha Male of the Group. So the resident female can hardly help herself being interested in you.
For whatever reason it works though, it clearly works.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Athol,

    I was curious if you could suggest some "couples porn" that you talked about in your other post. I did not post to that entry since I was unsure if you would see the note. I don't care for the random actor hook up either and would feel much more comfortable watching porn with my husband if it was a couple hookup.

  2. The sad thing about this is when you are verbally recognized as Awesome Dad! and that is it. In fact, when you are recognized by multiple other non-family females as Awesome Dad! And still you get a thanks from your wife, but that is it. Even when she had a horrible dad for the first 13 years of her life and then a non-existant dad for the next 25… I get a thanks and "you are a good dad." And… that is it. How does one translate Awesome Dad! into the physical reward(s)?

  3. Anon 12:26 – if it's not working, do something different.

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