1. Cat Lady says

    I clicked that link and found this: "Women – as in “all” women love bread pudding."

    Bread pudding is one of the few desserts I will NOT eat; simply detest it.

    Why am I always the odd one in the room?

  2. Lady says

    Like Cat Lady, I've always disliked bread pudding. But I'll try your recipe, Athol, and let you know if I'm swayed.

  3. Antigone Amplified says

    Home made bread pudding… nice thought after a journey back through coastal mist on a dark October night.

    Hope this post doesn't cause too many unexpected pregnancies, lol.

  4. Micah says

    Yesterday I sacrificed my Paleo/Primal eating habits and made some of this chick crack for my wife. Sometimes it's just good to break the rules.

    Great stuff.

    Got any other any food tricks up your sleeve?

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