The Charity Event That Cannot Be Spoken Of

I can’t tell you exactly what Jennifer and I are doing tonight, all I can say is that we are at “The Charity Event That Cannot Be Spoken Of”. See if I tell you where exactly we are going, because my web presence is so much stronger than TCETCBSO, every time someone searches online for TCETCBSO then this blog would show up as the #1 search result. Seeing TCETCBSO is work related for both of us, that might be… awkward.
This annual event is in its 9th year and Jennifer despite complaining loudly that she dislikes the work for TCETCBSO, takes an ever increasing role in the production of it. This year she is essentially one of two primary organizers. Naturally she does not complain at work… she complains to me…
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  1. Funny stuff. Great post!


  1. […] coming closer to the due date of The Charity Event That Shall Not Be Spoken Of. TCETSNBSO. It’s an annual work drama-fest, and last years quick summary was Turning The Beta […]

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