The Second Date Rule

Assuming your wife displays some sort of highly negative behavior (read as “craz-ee biatch”) , a good rule of thumb is The Second Date Rule…
If what she just did happened on the second date…
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  1. Actually, that's pretty good advice. However, saying something about it doesn't translate to something positive coming out of it.

  2. "Screechtard" is officially my new favorite word. That's just pitch-perfect.

  3. Setting boundaries is very important to having a healthy relationship. If your wife is behaving badly, and you don't say anything, then that undermines her trust in your masculinity. Odds are that she KNOWS that she is out of line, and that you SHOULD stand up for yourself.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Agreed with aphron in theory — that's why you have to be willing to enforce the declaration, i.e., not back down when she gets pissed and be willing to get into the argument. Telling her, "you may not treat me this way. Come back when you feel like acting like an adult" is often strong enough. As an added bonus, it implicitly treats her as an adult rather than treating her as a kid.

    Of course, she'll say the opposite: "You scolding me is treating me as a child, and I am a STRONG WOMAN." But objectively infantile behavior can't be excused by hiding behind a woman's "right" to be a screechtard.


  5. Anonymous says:

    This comment/question is unrelated to this post.

    I've read the two posts about coming back from an injury, yet I am interested in how to prevent the downhill spiral that those posts talk about. Two things that entered my mind are stay in shape and the ten second kiss, yet I feel like I'm too stressed at the moment to connect the dots and see other options.

    My husband just underwent surgery due to an injury and he's looking at months of rehab. Even oral sex is out of the question right now. We're a team and we'll get through this tough time, but I'd like to prevent having to hit rock bottom and work our way back again if at all possible. Any ideas? Even a post of links to subjects you've already covered could help us.

  6. Athol Kay says:

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