Twilight Moms…

I saw this on a bumper sticker…

That’s like a tramp stamp for a car right?
In case you haven’t read Twilight, he’s the cliff notes version to catch you up to the basic plot formula. Note Edwards Alpha and Beta traits lol.

So yeah… anyway… those Twilight Mom bumper stickers… if I was evil I’d run an experiment to test out a hunch about the owners of those cars…
Just sayin’.


  1. Athol Kay says

    Prostitot might be my new favorite word.

    I dunno GameForOmega's… maybe just dressing all in black is all the peacocking you need for these girls, MILF…. er someones mom.

  2. MWMM says

    Another "this happened to me" event. So this was at the beginning of the ILYBINILWY period I've described here before. I was intimidated by this cartoon guy. Not very Alpha. At this time I was just realising all the lies I'd believed over the years. I chose to become the good looking, sexy, well dressed, socially savvy guy all the women wanted. Now, I could not care less about Edward or any other fantasy. I have the neighborhood women telling my wife how much they love me. Hypergamy is a beautiful thing.

  3. mnl says

    The interesting thing about this whole phenomenon is not the fact that Twilight satisfies the same need in women that porn does for men. The interesting thing is how so few women are able to see or admit it; nor are they shamed by it.

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