Your Wife Is Easy

At some point your wife was interested in you enough to marry you.
She probably has a higher than usual biologically based latent attraction to you as opposed to other men.
Also there are external things like a common home, children, finances, lifestyle, memories and history together that would actually cost her time and serious effort to pull apart. It is easier to stay together.
So assuming that the basic problem is “the blahs” and that you haven’t completely let your relationship flounder and run her interest in you down to absolute zero, or physically beat her, or cheated on her…
… she very likely remains highly predisposed to responding positively to you turning on the Alpha / Beta / Physical Fitness stuff.
Your wife is the easiest person to Game that you know.
That’s why the last two posts of two month turnarounds aren’t too good to be true.
You can do this.


  1. I used to get really confused about why my wife was not attracted to me. On paper I looked great. If I was writing up a bio for a dating site I would get some calls:

    5 foot 10, 165 pound, lean and muscular man with gorgeous blue eyes, short cropped beard and a nice wardrobe. Earns 100K plus. Lots of friends and personal interests. Stable extended family with no major issues. Loves animals and kids. Intelligent, funny and affectionnate. Believes very much that ladies should cum first.

    However, my wife would also have a great bio:

    5 foot 9 and slim with gorgeous strawberry blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. Plump C cup breasts and curvy hips. Very intelligent and socially active. Has read most books written in the english language and travelled most of the western world. Has successfully delivered two of the world's most beautiful children, one of whom has been identified as gifted. The younger one is too unpredictable to be tested at this time (3 year old alpha male).

    From the outside we probably look like a great couple who should be highly attracted to each other. However, we have no sex life.

    If I had been asked 6 months ago to explain why we had no sex life, I would have said (through gritted teeth) that my wife has decided that sex is not neccessary for happiness and has decided to test the theory through personal celibacy. I honestly thought that she was just being a bitch.

    Now I understand what the real problem is. Our sex rank has always been pretty close. To a large extent, we recognize each other as equals in rank. However, over the years that we have been married I have lost the better part of my alpha skills and that caused me to drop. She responded to my drop in sex rank by cutting off sex. After that we fell into the usual pattern of manipulation and resistance that seems to plague so many marriages these days.

    So now I am working to rebuild my alpha side. I am still early in the process, but as I said in my success story the other day, I have already made great progress. I have great hope for the future.

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