Based on the overwhelming negative reaction to this post it has been removed. There are some valuable comments however.


  1. You've said a few smart things on this blog. This isn't one of them. On what planet would this be effective? I suspect that the problem is you have a wife with a libido.

  2. Two thoughts leap to mind:

    (1) You can spot an amateur PUA by the requests for gimmicks/tactics. They ask questions about doing, not being. The questioner may need to realize that his wife's refusal to "massage" him is symptomatic of a deeper issue in their relationship. I suspect that by being more alpha on a consistent basis, she will eventually offer "massages," let alone comply when petitioned. A small dose of alpha when you're horny and she's bleeding won't do shit.

    I cannot stress this point enough. My wife is perpetually sexually available to me (unless she's seriously ill with the flu or something), and she propositions me for sex at least once a day. Some of you (I think partially to assuage frustrations about the sexual dynamics in your own relationships) characterize this as purely the product of libido. You're wrong. My wife used to be very sexually disinclined. This is back when I was pretty beta. After learning my lesson, I am alpha, utterly and completely. I make decisions (often without consulting my wife); I never take her nagging/manipulation seriously; and I keep the relationship fun AT ALL TIMES. We have more fun now than when we were dating.

    Because of this, my wife has a sexual appetite like you would not believe. I barely ever have to ask for sex. Additionally, she is constantly seeking out ways to please me more (e.g., staying fit, getting a boob job, wearing thongs almost exclusively, etc.).

    This was the product of HOLISTIC change, not some "line" I dropped during a unique window of opportunity.

    (2) I don't think it's ever advisable to tell your wife that you NEED something sexual. First, it comes off as manipulative. Let's be honest: you and your wife both know that you don't need sexual release. You want it. You use the term "need" because you know that she will feel guiltier about denying a need than a want. More importantly, obligation is the killer of all that is erect/wet. Sex is a dish best served gratuitously.

    My advice: take your wife's refusal to "massage" you as an indication that you are still a Padawan, not a Jedi. Be even more alpha! Make more decisions; take less shit; grin more mischievously; tease more mercilessly; and smile less frequently. Once you've achieved your goal of becoming a true alpha, you won't have to learn any magic words, other than the ones needed to politely decline your wife's incessant offers to rub your dick raw.

  3. Have you considered actually coming up with a way to give her sexual release while she's on her period, so the excuse disappears? It's not that hard, especially if she can come through clitoral stimulation – a massage through a layer of clothing can do wonders.

    Sometimes you have to entertain the possibility that your wife is just, yknow, telling the truth.

  4. Badger Nation says:

    Got a shocker last night – my LTR babe tells me "I think we should spice up our life by watching porn." Apparently when I was away last week, she watched some porn on the Net and, um, took care of herself, then spent the next day thinking about me and nothing else. This from the woman who has maintained I've been her sole source of orgasm since we started dating!

  5. Anonymous #1 you should have a blog,that was a great answer.

  6. This is all such bullshit, how can you people stand the smell?

  7. I wonder what was in the original post. I guess long story short, stating a need is not much different than asking? Better to mack instead?

  8. Don't delete the post for the sake of your readers this is selling out Fuck em
    Whose blog is it

  9. It's my blog. I'll delete what I want.

    I don't see how this is selling out.

  10. I'm sad this was deleted. I was just telling a friend about how interesting the article was and came back to share it with them and it's gone. :-(

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