Election Night: Having A Beer And Going To Bed

It used to be tempting to stay up and watch the endless news feed on election night. But I figure now that whoever is in the process of being elected today, will probably also be the same people that were actually elected today. I don’t believe me staying up late changes the result.
I think I’ll send Jennifer to get me a beer and we’ll head off to bed.
Though I admit having a beer and going to bed is an ineffective method of social change. Though mainly my social change goal is the right to head to bed with a beer and a woman, so…
… ooooh bring the Reddi-Whip too…


  1. I did the same thing….head to bed with a glass of wine in one hand and a vibrator in the other. There is one thing you are making a change, it may not be a political change or result of the recent vote, but you sure are making a change on many people's view on sex by writing this blog. Keep it up! QueenCat

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