If You Show Weakness How Do You Recover?

To what extent, and what kind of weakness can you show to a woman? The easy answer is “none, ever” but if I spend any amount of time around a woman she is going to see me confused, frustrated, or angry. Some women seem to have zero tolerance for this, others it bothers them a great deal but you can recover after a while.

If you do show weakness, how do you recover?
Hi there,
Obviously openly weeping on a first date isn’t going to work at all, but I’m assuming we’re talking about a longer term relationship.
I’m not sure you really need to worry about your momentary emotions affecting women negatively as opposed to just giving up on something and throwing in the towel to admit defeat. Some of men’s greatest achievements have come with a great deal of confusion, frustration and anger along the way. Life and relationships have ups and downs, so feeling bad at times is completely normal. You just don’t quit something because you feel bad though.
Showing a range of emotions to a woman is generally experienced as you being emotionally engaged with her. So it can be a positive version of the Beta Traits in that it creates a sense of you’re in a real live relationship rather than just playing a game. But if you simply frame it all as defeat, failure and quit, you’re failing on the Alpha front and that’s what kills the attraction. You can say something was a bad decision and a mistake, but you can’t just flounder in the aftermath, you’ve got to take what you can from the wreckage and move on to bigger and better things.
In the end, if you can’t share your actual real life with a woman and sustain the relationship, you’re dealing with someone lacking in empathy. So that isn’t someone that you want to have kids with, marry, or buy real estate with. You want to be in a relationship with a team player, not a soloing specialist who wants to cut you from the team the first time you miss a shot. Or even worse someone who wants to keep you mired in failure so you can’t develop further.
So if a woman you’re dating walks out on you because of your momentary emotional state, thank your lucky stars that you didn’t have to go to court to get rid of her. It hurts in that moment that she pivots away from you and her heels click off into the distance, but it’s probably a gift that she’s going now rather than later.
I know it’s not easy to do, just stop worrying about women. Go find that thing you do and go do it. Hammer away at it until it’s yours. Be passionate about something. Women have a funny way of seeking out guys that can get it done.
So to answer the original question, “if you do show weakness, how do you recover?” it’s quite simple.
You recover by winning. Winning at whatever the hell it is you’re trying to prove yourself at.
Now get to it.


  1. I don't think that any woman wants to be married to the Terminator. They want to be married to a real live humand, and they know that this entails emotions. There may be some women who hope that all of your emotional responses will be positive, but those women are dellusional. The sooner they get past that dellusion, the better for both of you.

    Having said that, when you do get upset or lose your cool, you just have to recover quickly and move on. Don't apologize for having emotions. Just recover your composure. That way your woman sees that you have emotions, but you are in control of them. You do not flip out and start breaking things, you do not retreat into the man cave and pout all morning. You just error correct and move on.

  2. The not breaking things is important. That's generally a indication that hitting her is a real possiblity down the road. Which obviously leads to all kinds of negative outcomes.

  3. My man has cried in front of me. It was over something which was a *big* deal… it was perfectly normal. It actually endeared me to him more. I already *knew* how he was feeling, because I know he's a mammal, not a robot. So the fact that he shared that emotion with me was a sign of intimacy.

    Now, if every single thing was a big deal which caused tears, I have to admit I would lose my attraction. But if something happens over which a normal human would feel strong emotion, it's okay to shed tears. I don't want to date a robot. They're not sexy.

  4. Are you telling us Jennifer was a prom queen?

  5. Anonymous says:

    GREAT advice :)

    Jennifer 6

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