It’s Not Your Job To Cure Their Sexual Dysfunction

Sometimes you meet someone and the connection is instant and special. But there’s a problem, your sex drive is clearly mismatched, or even worse they have serious sexual issues that impede the relationship advancing.
It’s not your job in a dating relationship to cure their sexual dysfunction.
I had a serious relationship in college that…
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  1. Anonymous says

    Athol, I agree with so much of what you say, but I don't think you should be looking her up. Yes, it's from a female perspective.

  2. Enyo says

    You know… It took me 3 years to figure this out… *head thunk* My most recent ex, his sex drive is like 2x/year, where as I'm all yes please whenever. Worst 3 years in a relationship!

  3. aphron says

    After 17 years of marriage, I look back and realize I should have been more thoughtful. There are many good things about my wife, Sybil. There are many bad things about her, too. My main problem is letting myself float along in life. Mostly, it worked out well for me (guardian angel, perhaps?). However, I put very little thought into my choice of mate. At the time I thought that the quantity of sex I was getting equaled quality. Little did I know the quantity would someday diminish.

    I remember Eddie Murphy compared a new sex partner to a Ritz cracker. Eventually, that Ritz cracker becomes an ordinary saltine. One cannot make that saltine into a Ritz. Only the saltine can do that. Since that takes a lot of effort and a lot of change, that rarely happens. That leaves many in situations where libidos are sadly mismatched. Sexual wants are horribly incompatible.

    Unfortunately, there was no internet, no married man sex life, game theory, etc. to guide a naive, inexperienced, young man.

  4. Athol Kay says

    Anon – Oh I know that. Just trying to be honest and open here.

    You have to understand that I'm a Vuclan. I'll all about logic and science, but underneath…

  5. Horny says

    We used to be on the same page with frequency of sex, but then we got married…

    Oh, wait…that's why Athol has something to blog about in the first place.

  6. Anonymous says

    When we got married, my wife was a virgin sex machine. She took birth control for two months. That two months turned her into a raging bitch with zero sex drive. She quit the birth control, and became easy to deal with and pleasant to be around again, but the sex drive stayed gone.

    Warning: don't f— with the birth control. It's not worth it.

  7. Anonymous says

    You can learn the good balanced aspects of marriage without a specific blog or the Internet, aphron.

    Jennifer 6

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