Me So Hordey

Jennifer’s old college roommate was staying over with us last night and we went out for breakfast this morning. We were walking into the local diner and reaching the door first I held the door open and Jennifer and her roomie walked in ahead of me. As we waited for the waitress to come over and seat us, there was some guy in a mechanics shirt also hovering near the reception. Jennifer was completely unaware of him, but he very clearly looked her over and must have decided that her breasts were her best feature because his gaze returned to languish on them for several seconds…
… then he noticed me, noticing him, noticing her.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love that you are such a nerd, Athol. Makes this blog so much better. :)


  2. Athol Kay says:

    I never claimed to be anything else :-)

  3. David Collard says:

    Nerds are best at analysing sex. We nerds have more fun.

    On the topic, yes, never, ever stare at a man's woman. It is dangerous. And don't stare at people who could pose any kind of physical threat to you. Staring is classic primate threat behaviour. I inadvertently stared at a female subordinate a while back, and she dropped her eyes in total confusion.

    It can be fun to stare at your wife (in her eyes) and see her reaction. She is likely to look away. Be ready with an excuse, like "I was just admiring the shade of blue your eyes are".

    There is a female blogger who recommended that wives not meet their husband's eyes for more than a couple of seconds. While I think this was a bit strange, her instinct was correct. Staring is dominant, dropping one's eyes is submissive.

  4. Athol Kay says:

    The dropped eye gaze is very much a submissive display.

  5. So girls who like to engage in staring contests for fun are not good long-term prospects? I think I knew this subconsciously.

  6. Badger Nation says:

    Much is made of the lack of success of STEM majors and geeks in the SMP. I know a LAN party, a Rush concert and a LOTR marathon are not ideal first-date ideas, but I'd like to hope there are enough women who appreciate a man's need for hobbies and interests that nerdity and game are not incompatible.

    One of the keys as I see it is that "game is its own status." Sure there are gold-digger, image-obsessed women who would never dream of bringing a nerd guy to brunch with her shallow friends, but the magic of game is that because it makes you attractive, it makes the things you do acceptable to your lady, because they are done by a (reasonably) high-status guy who turns his woman on.

  7. HarmonicaFTW says:

    Where did you get that shirt? I'm thinking of buying it. I was mostly Alliance when I played, but that image is perfect.

  8. Athol Kay says:

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