Michelanglo’s David

Had a reader suggest as part of a self plan to “Alpha Up” to “work out and train for a marathon”.
I’m going to say yes and no to that idea. On one hand physical fitness is a definite good thing. If a woman’s got a choice between spreading her legs for a couch potato or a marathon runner, the marathon runner gets the bedroom eyes. Plus Jennifer said something in passing that “endurance is good” and I understand that too.
But consider this little matrix;
Cardio = Running = Flight = Beta
Muscle = Weights = Fight = Alpha
It doesn’t really turn a woman on to know that if the “bad guys” come, you can out run her.
By all means do a sport or activity that is going to improve your cardiovascular fitness, but you will get much better traction on pulling her sexual interest by developing and maintaining a proper muscle mass and tone. Essentially the only route to really achieving that is by some sort of weights routine.
Not only that but you will feel the difference in as little as a month of doing weights and carry yourself better. The goal is not to turn yourself into a muscle bound hulk, but something akin to Michelangelo’s David. Though pay no attention to the size of his penis, he’s made of marble, so obviously he’s quite cold.
(Hang on… what the hell did Jennifer mean by that?!?)


  1. Hey Kay,

    Another argument to substantiate your point is that long distance running actually eats away at your muscles. At least so I've read. I have yet to find out. :)

    Still going to go for the marathon though, since it's on my bucket-list, but I'll mix in some weights.


  2. check out Ross Boxing for some good training info

  3. I Tend to mix up my workout for a good compromise between bulk and endurance, just going from the girls I have met over here in the UK it gets the best response,

    bulging out of your shirt does get more of a reaction with a few girls, but a lot more negative from the majority.

    Michelanglo's David is a good example of just right.

  4. If a marathon is going to energeize you and make you feel good, then do it.

    Men come in all varieties, just maximise your version of it.

  5. Been there done that with the marathon. I know from experience that another 26 pound of lean muscle mass improves my wife's attraction for me much better than the ability to run 26 miles in a row.

  6. My work out routine is to run 5 miles, walk a mile to get the heart rate down, and then go into the gym for a weights work out. I lost a lot of weight and became very well toned doing this. It is the best of both worlds.

    As an aside, yoga does wonders for your sexual ability. It builds the core muscles which allows you to have more control over ejaculation, and it makes you very flexible and agile.

  7. Also, endurance in bed is not the same as endurance at the track. I can run pretty far around the neighborhood and on a treadmill. And I can lift a decent amount of weight (bench press my own body weight, e.g.). But I've noticed that my endurance in bed is more related to my ability to mix cardio and weight lifting than it is to running. This is why something like boxing is really good for your bedroom endurance — it mixes both simultaneously.

  8. Marathon training, and endurance training in general is pretty bad for your libido. Building muscle mass by doing classic lifts like squats, deadlifts and presses is awesome for your libido.

    Starting Strength is a great book with a great strength training NOT body building program.

    For general fitness, Crossfit is GREAT.

  9. Marathon training sucks because hubby's always out running when you get into the last parts. Would definitely rather watch (and drool) at him while he's lifting weights instead of hearing how far he ran while he was gone for that 2 hours.

    On the other hand, when hubby was a couch potato, I encouraged any type of exercise that he wanted to do, even if it was going out to rake leaves. Better to burn some calories than nothing.

    Is there a better way (running vs. weights) for a heavy guy to work out? Which one burns calories faster?

  10. Just finished my first half-marathon, last weekend. Libido, endurance and 'rank' are way up over last 4 months of training (I've shed 25lbs and inches off the waist). I'm training for my next half-m early next year, but also doing the HundredPushups.com program to tone up the upper body. Shooting for a bit more David and a little less Forrest Gump.

  11. By The Sword says:

    A warrior should me lean, fit and healthy. By all means train for the marathon. Bulking up makes one a bigger target in a fight. Especially in a fight with weapons.

    …oh wait, we're talking about what women want?

    Who cares.

  12. Walking around my college campus lately, I have noticed more and more muscled arms (weather getting hotter here down under, so more men showing off their muscles). So yes, please I would like to see more hunks around! :)

  13. Most couch potatoes are going to see a sex rank and performance improvement from doing nearly ANY type of physical exercise. The improvement in weight loss, endorphins, and circulation will more than offset the muscle catabolism of doing long slow distance training (such as training for a marathon), if that's the exercise you so choose.

    So, step #1 for couch potatoes is to simply finding something that gets you off your butt and out of the house. Pausing to research the "optimal" exercise regimen is futile if it's not interesting enough or doesn't fit well enough with your lifestyle so that you'll stay at it. Do whatever gets you out of the house on a regular basis.

    Once you actually achieve the above (and few guys really do), you'll be in rare company. You'll not only see weight loss and other improvements, but you'll have obtained the discipline needed for the second step: changing or optimizing your exercise for more specific goals.

    And on that, nothing improves your sex rank and confidence quite as much as regular resistance training. Not only does it build more type-II muscle fiber, it's better at stripping fat. Take a look at the finish line at a local marathon. It's surprising. From the examples in front of you, ask yourself how frequently you see your own future ideal body crossing that finish line.

    A little testimonial: The other weekend, I was out to dinner with Mrs. MNL and some other couples. I was teasing and joking around, poking fun at one of the other wives. In response, she called me a beast and swatted my shoulder and upper chest. Wow! She visibly paused. I had flexed just a little in anticipation. Where she expected her fists to find middle-aged pudge, she instead saw her fists actually bounce off from the firmness. A primitive grin crossed her face as she realized she was around a strong man. …But more importantly, my wife saw the interaction and an even bigger grin crossed my wife's face. Resistance training FTW.

    For me it's diet, resistance training, yoga, and sleep–in about that order.

  14. That's why I call it a Fitness Test MNL :-)

  15. Beau Nertaun says:

    The small penis was actually part of the Greek ideal of male beauty. I attribute this questionable aesthetic to widespread pederasty. The Romans were more like us in this regard.

  16. Ok I just wanna know your opinion about swimming.It is cardio but with resistance and honestly after hour of swimming I feel horny as @#!*% .P.S.Sorry for my English

  17. Swimmers usually have a good body.

  18. The Outsider says:


    This is the kind of body you're looking for. And for the reasons Athol suggests.

  19. That's an interesting site The Outsider.

  20. Running a marathon is alpha? wrong.

    If the goal is alpha, weight training or perhaps boxing/martial arts training, cannot be beat. Nothing wrong with cardio, but the training required to run a marathon is much more than the gym time required to build some bulk. From experience, very few people are impressed by endurance athletes; they're much more likely to swoon over nice guns and well-defined pecs.

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