Sexy Move: Disco Is Female Kryptonite

Jennifer’s parents have this amazing street that still goes all out for Halloween, so we make it into our annual Candy Mecca for the kids. Of course kids with cell phones and Facebook talk to other kids… and pretty soon the word on the street is that the Kay kids have the hot ticket and pretty soon we have the entire giggle of girls wanting in.
So knowing that I’m going to play taxi driver for my youngest daughter and her friends down to my in-laws place, I decide to plan ahead. Actually let me explain why I have to plan ahead. These are all good kids, but one of them is like Kermit the Frog on cocaine in terms of the sheer verbiage that spews from her mouth. She is a good kid, she’s not disrespectful or anything, but it’s just like Robin Williams and a Gatling gun made a baby together and she has the Gatling gun’s sense of humor. I feel bad for just tolerating her, but I just can’t take it.
So anyway… 30 minute car ride with this kid. Something has to be done…
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  1. Miles Anderson says:

    Music goes underneath our logical mind directly at emotion. And disco hits the physical/rhythmic side (in PUA terms spiking body temp). Some guys get this. Most dont. Most women react to this autonomically.

  2. Disco is a good thing.

  3. Susan Walsh says:

    Absolutely! He's Raining Men is always a favorite, and He's So Shy is also popular with the young ones. BTW, girls also love ABBA if you ever need more material.

  4. It is interesting to watch the music change in Nightclubs around midnight. The beat changes and it is done purposely to drive the women into a unconscious sexual frenzy. It is effective and women grab their friends and head onto the dance floor. Hookups happen frequently during this time.

    Once it was pointed out to me, I observed it and actually think it is quite disturbing to watch.

  5. Plus there's a rumor that 33Hz tones can create sympathic vibrations in clits…

  6. So is there a penile resonant frequency too? LOL

  7. Thag Jones says:

    Really? I can't stand disco! It's insipid and depressing. Old school R&B, Latin beats, stuff like that is better. Generally though, mood music tends to be cheesy anyway and I'd rather just get down with some kissing. All else being equal, a nice slow kiss and the breathing of a lover will do a lot more than some cheese ball disco or anything else designed to manipulate the emotions.

    I'm probably a bit of an outlier (especially as a woman) in that I loathe having my emotions manipulated in this way, which is why I hate tear-jerker movies too. Titanic? Pass the barf bag. I prefer things that make me think and music that affects something more profound than my vagina.

    CSPB's description of the nightclub is indeed disturbing. I guess I'm a natural fundamentalist or something because I find that sort of thing creepy and evil. Probably because I know it works on the darker side of human nature, which really doesn't need that kind of encouragement. I have to wonder why we need so much titillation anyway… Seems a case of the more we're exposed to, the more stimulation we need to "get in the mood."

    There must be someone else like me somewhere, lol.

  8. Thag Jones says:

    I may just be more sensitive to the effects of music than a lot of people, because I really can't stand being exposed to junky music for long; it's like someone forcing me to eat marshmallows.

  9. Anonymous says:

    "Plus there's a rumor that 33Hz tones can create sympathic vibrations in clits…"

    lol the much sought after V-note.

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