Status Report And Asking For Help

I’m at that point with the blog where many bloggers announce that they are cutting back posting, or the season of self exploration is done and they aren’t posting anymore. Or the blog just blinks out of existence like Alderaan at the hands of The Death Star.
The good news is that I’ve largely expected this and started writing with the expectation that the first two years were simply laying the ground work for eventual profitability via completed books and ultimately public speaking / workshops as well. I am agonizingly far behind completing my book though.
Jennifer and I have had a few serious setbacks during the year. For both of us work has been hellish at times (I’ve been at times soloing a three person job assignment!), we have kids, my father has cancer and we had an emergency farewell trip to New Zealand. He’s worsening and death seems like it’s going to be at random as a vital organ decides to fail. July and August I basically just limped through with private little crying jags striking at random. I fixed the crying by eating… and now I really need to get that weight off. (Oh hai! I’m a hypocrite.)
So I’m readjusting here in a few ways. Mostly I write through the week, but I’m going to just try and write the week’s worth of posts on Sunday and schedule them for publication through the week. I have a few regular weekly post ideas I will do as well. Likewise some of my reading of other blogs is going to cut back to a few scheduled times a week rather than poking the feed reader for something new a few times a day. This should open up a clearer schedule to write and finish the first book.
So anyway, some practical ways you can help me out;
1. I’m looking for a group of people to help edit / proof read as I write the book. I’m terrible without a proper deadline and thinking “I have to finish Chapter 5 by Tuesday” to send to the proof reader team would be extremely useful for me. Don’t have to have a blog to offer your services. Email me at Athol(dot)Kay@gmail(dot)com. Obviously you get a free book and mention in the thanks section of the book for this.
2. Reader success stories and questions remain very helpful to me. You are always welcome to send them in. They often save me hours of time trying to think up a topic.
3. If you happen to be on Facebook please friend me there. I post status updates fairly infrequently and my linked posts there tend to be the lighter in tone ones. I won’t be spamming your Facebook. But come publication time “A friend of mine wrote a book!” would be awesome. I’m basically imagining something like this…
I had been keeping my Facebook profile fairly private, but a globally unique name means I am easily found anyway. At the end of the day, I think my “regular guyness” is important in my message. There’s not a fake overly polished online Athol and a crazy offline one. I’m pretty real, just trying to juggle a lot of balls at once. Just like you no doubt.
That’s about it. Now I have to go write and work out…


  1. I'll help you, Athol. Just LMK how I can best be of use.

  2. How do you know that someone friending you on Facebook is someone who wants to help with this project?

  3. Athol Kay says:


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