The Hot Wife Fantasy 2

A comment by Firelord on The Hot Wife Fantasy stuck out for me.
“I know that fantasy, best avoided IMO, it could have happened with a friend of mine everyone was in the right head space for it to happen, but my alarm bells went off in a big way and I overrode my dick that time.
As it happens the now X friend had been plotting to take my wife away from me, not that he would have succeed, but found out later he had been majorly poisoning the well behind my back.
Avoid that one like the plague guys.”
If there’s a particular guy that’s in mind for a threesome or cuckold experience, there’s a pretty good chance that the other man has been stirring the pot behind your back with your wife all along.
I would not regard that as “friendship” despite how ever long you have known him. Agree with cutting him out of your life.


  1. R. Stanton Scott says

    "Men come in all varieties, just maximise your version of it. "

    The same is true for relationships, by the way.

  2. Tinderbox says

    Back in my mid-twenties, I was propositioned for a threesome by my best friend's live-in girlfriend of several years in his presence with his approval. I'm pretty sure it was her idea since she had always flirted with me.

    She was certainly cute enough, but I passed on it because I didn't want to damage the friendship nor did I want to see my best friend naked, lol. Needless to say they eventually broke up. I did not follow up with her because I prefer not to date the exes of good friends.

    I have no interest in threesomes, unless it's me and two beautiful women! A married couple, no thanks.

  3. Anonymous says

    Of course if your wife is Bi like mine another girl in the mix can be almost as bad (hell of a lot of fun though), This is something I have done and got away with, but something to watch out for is make sure the other girl has had boyfriends before and would date them again.

    If she is straight up lesbian she is far more likely to try and take your wife/gf from you, and no her letting you put your dick in her does not mean she is not a lesbian.

    Athol you going to cover the HHB (hot bi babe) angle? assuming you have not done so already somewhere.


  4. Athol Kay says

    Never thought to cover that issue Firelord. I believe the way to deal with it would be much the same though.

  5. Thomas says

    I’m option 5. My wife and I tried it and we both loved it. We actually had a boyfriend for about a year and he fucked her regularly. Additionally, she would fuck men while traveling for business. I loved her pussy afterwards and it made out sex life crazy fun. Having her come home to me and tell me she has just been picked up by some hot guy and fucked by him only 30 minutes before is the hottest thing we’ve ever enjoyed together. We’ve since moved to a new state and are starting to look for another lover for her. He’ll need to be someone I’m comfortable with and he’ll need to be comfortable with me as well. Sharing her is fun if all three parties are in agreement. It doesn’t have to end in disaster.

  6. Mitch says

    Have been obsessed with this Hotwife concept for past 3 weeks. Hard for me to stay off the numerous porn sites devoted to Hotwife/Cuckolding.
    NOTE: This is the first rational discussion I’ve heard and also the first that essentially discourages the practice.
    Here is what I am considering and would welcome feedback….
    My wife is a stunning 41-year old mother with a great body and very fit. We have sex at least twice a week and often very good sex (ie she always orgasms and lots of variety incl toys). I am a bit older (47) but still in good shape with an above average cock size. I absolutely understand the fantasy of Hotwifing but to date the only activity has been fantasy – I always get very aroused when she agrees to describe her past sexual experiences in detail (she has slept with 4 other guys, none in the past 15 years)
    My wife reads a lot of soft-core porn and is more than happy to describe a sexual fantasy where two (or more) men are having sex with her.
    We have identified a BBC in our city through a Website Ad and arranged to meet him in a Luxury Hotel Suite for a couple of hours. His fee is $500. Neither one of us has done a threesome so there is significant excitement/anxiety/arousal for both of us leading up to the event.
    This is something we both want to try. Since we do not actually know this person and have arranged this experience as a “commercial transaction”, I feel it is different than inviting a friend or co-worker selected by the wife or husband. (I could see how that scenario could get messy post-event.)
    Also, I would expect that there will be a follow-on threesome experience with a female escort – likely selected by my wife (she has confirmed she wants to do that).
    We have a very good and stable relationship and I would classify both of us as generally “conservative” (morally and behaviourally). We have never considered “swinging” and I doubt we would ever seriously entertain the notion.
    I feel like my current hyper-testosterone is driving this whole thing but I also know my wife wants to do it. I personally don’t want either her or I to become addicted to this Hotwife “rush” we feel right now because it is quite distracting and obsessive. I’m hoping we will do it, enjoy it, it will accelerate our already good sex life into a GREAT sex life based on the taboo-factor of this mutually-planned experience.
    All things considered, is this still a good idea?

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