Understanding And Reacting To The Female Arm Slap

I love the faux arm slap thing that women sometimes give me.┬áIt usually means that I have absolutely scored a direct hit in the gina tingle department and it’s a clear Indicator Of Interest. (IOI)
My solution is not to hit them back with an arm slap, but to…
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  1. David Collard says:

    You can also try teasing her along the lines that you hardly felt it. "I think I felt a slight breeze, a zephyr, on my arm. Can't be sure." Message: she is a weak woman and you are such a rock of a man that you hardly feel her puny blows.

    In general, women hit men lightly when they are verbally flummoxed. It seems to indicate annoyance, but it can really mean temporary annoyance, followed by titillation. Watch her face. If she gets an uncertain, bemused look that seems to indicate she is a bit turned on.

    It is all a good instance of the general rule: watch what she actually does after she has cooled down, not what she says or does on the spur of the moment.

  2. My wife seems to like me hovering aorund her (prob so she can push me away),if I am a litle cold to her and avoid her by getting on doing jobs around the house or working out,she either starts hovering around me or trys to suggest there is a row brewing.

  3. David Collard says:

    Don't hover around her. She should hover around you. She should come to you for attention. You are the boss.

  4. Susan Walsh says:

    Athol! Is Jennifer OK with your saying these things to other women?
    "Well obviously that excited you", "You can't help touching me I see", "little miss spicy likes to play rough I see… I can go there".
    Hmmm, I would NOT be pleased if my husband flirted that way with someone other than me!

  5. Jennifer edited the post Susan.

    Also you're confusing the woman being pleased with the woman being attracted :-)

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