What She Wants

I get the most interesting reader mail some days.

What She Wants, by Craig Van De Walker

What she wants how do you know
What she needs who is to tell
What she says you can’t believe
You can’t ask she will deceive

Thinks she knows but when it’s nigh
Isn’t happy, can’t tell why
Says she wants a man who’s loyal
Does her bidding white knight royal

When he gets there, does his best
Princess treatment never rests
Something’s missing in the mix
Not feeling special “you must fix”

Age-old pattern if you look
Nice guy trod on, bad boy took
Pulled her heartstrings made her swoon
Gave her tingles made her moon

Not on purpose, can’t be helped
Can’t control it, primal felt
Men must truly understand
She needs a leader, be a man

Does not want a needy kid
Head of household, have an edge
Push and pull must be the norm
Always giving, brings her scorn

This takes care and this takes work
Not always nice, sometimes jerk
Balance is the key to all
Go too far and you will fall

Heed my words son let them sit
Think on them, more than a bit
I’m not sure, if you have heard
“To love” young man, is an active verb


  1. MarriedGuy says:

    Ha! I love the writing on the back of the car! I think women are "dirty" naturally but society taught for so long that interest in sex was bad. I'm glad we're getting away from that as a society.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Ech. Don't like all of these lyrics, but some are true.

    Jennifer 6

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