Bridalplasty: Whores With Flaws

The shows premise is simple… brides compete on a game show for the ultimate prize of plastic surgery!

Like O.M.G there’s BLING! Give me the precious!

High School like totally trained us to build alliances and backstab each other.

The Queen Bee-itch! We hate her!

OMG an injectable party! The challenge is a puzzle so it’s sexist.

And remember keep your eyes on the prize! Plastic surgery so you can dump your fiance and find a better man!!!!!!!!

(Seriously WTF is an injectable party?)


  1. Probably a botox party. What, you thought people had to go to a doctor, or even a sanitary space for those? Nah. And if it's "injectable" maybe they've started doing collagen too? It wouldn't suprise me at all.

  2. And here I thought an 'injectable party' was about smack. ;)

  3. Miles Anderson says:

    The whole thing has such an entitlement and attention whore feeling that, if I was a guy, the longer my girl lasted on the show the more likely I'd dump her. Actually, hold that. I think the "dump that girl" function is U shaped. It is more like if she is the first out (seen as a threat by the other attention whores) or the last out (best at manipulation) I'd be finding somebody else to hang out with.

    And the bottom of the U is above my "dump that girl" threshold anyways.

  4. Badger Nation says:

    Wow, that is F'd up.

    Have another question for you, Athol. I just took a job that has a six-week training period out of the state at corporate HQ. This training will run smack dab over both Valentine's Day and my anniversary with my gf. How can I start planning now to keep our emotional life well-stocked given that we may not get to celebrate either or both of those days together?

  5. Athol Kay says:

    How much do flights cost Badger? Send for her for a weekend.

    Skype. Texting. Calls.

  6. Jack Amok says:

    That is a pack of ugly, ugly women, and I don't just mean physically ugly.

    Fat, bitchy and stupid is no way to go through life.

  7. Anonymous says:

    can the plastic surgery fix their personality flaws?

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