Men Are Incapable Of Lying After Orgasm…

I’m in a fairly new relationship and my guy was joking (I think) that in the couple of minutes immediately after orgasm, a guy is incapable of lying. So he says I should use that opportunity to ask him anything.
First,┬ácould this actually be true? Like I said, I’m pretty sure he’s just kidding around but it got me wondering…
Second, if you could ask your SO one question and they HAD to answer honestly, what would it be? Doesn’t have to be anything too deep, something silly is good too.
Why the hell would it be true?
Oh hang on….
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  1. gameforomegas says:

    All but the most naive men know this is when women spring ambush questions, so it will depend on how naive he is. I'm betting not enough for this to work.

  2. Alex VanderWoude says:

    Early in my adulthood I did notice, to my surprise, that I tended to feel very relaxed and tolerant towards my partner right after an orgasm. It was sort of "Man, she could ask me anything right now and I'd probably agree with it or tell her straight up!" It was helpful for me to have discovered that about myself. I suspect it has to do with relaxation after tension and emotional involvement and contentment and things like that.

  3. Alex – that's Oxytocin and Vasopressin affecting you.

  4. Comic book store guy says:
    Worst fan fiction, EVAR! Unsee!

  5. It was the strawberry lotion that ruined it right? So sorry :-(

  6. Athol, that was a hoot man.

    As far as the subject matter, my wife and I have a post sex, cuddle game, she tries to get me to commit to something frivolous. I once had a truck that was my pride and joy, I loved that truck, so for years she tried to get me to "give her" my truck. It was fun.

  7. LMAO Nax, I like it!

  8. ALL men–whether fathers of new babies, husbands, or singles–should be considerate of women with babies. It's no small feat to lug a baby and all that equipment around, especially when the woman is by herself.

    So hold the door open, give her the right-of-way, or help her get through a crowd. She'll appreciate that you noticed her. Our self-esteem tends to need a boost in that stressed-out, too-tired-to-care-how-I-look period after giving birth.

  9. Gah, sorry Athol–wrong post for my comment. Something glitchy happened with the word verifier. Hmm.

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