Reader Story: You Can Ring My Bell

The picture of the gift!

Some reader email…

Hi Athol,
I just to drop you a quick line to say thanks once again for your excellent blog. Since I last emailed you, things have continued to improve with sex being more regular, my wife being more attentive and me moving more into an alpha role whilst retaining some beta qualities with us having a young family and both of us working long hours.
Anyway, although it appeared to me that things were moving in the right direction, it was still just an overall impression until I got a smack-you-in-the-face sign on xmas day that things were definitely moving in the right direction. My wife got me an additional present which she gave me whilst we were in bed on xmas night, and it certainly works, I’m three for three so far!
Thanks buddy, you’re a star!
And then…
Cheers matey, call me Mel, and for the record, since I emailed you, it’s 4 for 4, seems she likes ringing the bell as well!
Bearing in mind that this was a Christmas gift and it’s only the morning of December 28th… 4 for 4 means… well you do the math.


  1. That's one rockin Christmas gift! Good for them!!

  2. Hahaha, good one.

    I actually have a similar story.

    I've also been working on my alpha side and we have gone from once per month to a steady once per week.
    One of my Christmas presents was a home made calendar, the kind that you get for kids around christmas time and has lids with a chocolate for each day. This calendar doesn't have chocolate however, it has pictures of sexy underwear. Sexy underwear that she has bought and will show me in the evenings with obvious results. :)

    We're 5 for 5 too.


  3. That's awesome Fred.

  4. Interesting. Great read.
    Dyna :)

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