Sexy Move: Find Some Stolen Time Together

If Game can be summarized into three words, it’s “instigate, isolate, escalate”. The instigation being that sense of playful engaging interaction with her. Whether that’s banter, teasing, deep and meaningful talking, humor or whatever, you’re trying to start something with her beyond asking her what’s for dinner.
Escalate being the “always be closing” approach of physical touch, sexual touch and lets go to the bedroom. I’m not saying very time you touch you are forcing the issue towards naked sexy time, just that you are setting the intent that there will be a sexy naked time and it’s going to be good. If she wants sex, you can…
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  1. We still send our son to daycare even if we both have the day off just so we can have that time. Also there is a VERY strict 8pm bed time. That way we still end up with a good chunk of the evenings to ourselves. Works nicely. I hate seeing people forget to get time AWAY from there "cockblockers". LOL

  2. David Collard says:

    I was giving my wife a real seeing-to a few months ago (it was sort of make-up sex), and our teenage daughter started knocking on the door. Fortunately it was locked.

    I think she knew what was going on. I had to say to her, primly, afterwards that I was "making love to Mummy".

    Sometimes we get away on country drives. But the last one, my wife was on her period.

    As for going grocery shopping together. I quite like this, but I have found it puts me in a very "beta" position, which my wife instinctively dislikes, and we seem to end up arguing a lot.

  3. For us it's a way of planning meals together. Jennifer tends to assume the job of deciding whats for dinner, but I tend to be the more creative cook. So when I go to the grocery store with her I tend to just find 2-3 potential dinners that could be cooked, so she likes that very much.

  4. David Collard says:

    It is fun going grocery shopping together as a young couple. You are sort of playing house. But these days, my wife tends to do it with our son. She is going out now to do it, and I shall be going out into the backyard soon to mow the lawn.

  5. Susan Walsh says:

    Athol, I think you've hit on something really important here. Truth is, even with kids around it's not hard to find sexy time. Any time after they're asleep, right? Or when they're at a friend's. What's much harder to find is the simple hanging out, talking about whatever time. My husband and I tried a weekly date night back in the day, but found it extremely expensive, because we always had dinner out. We tried going for long walks, and really liked it. We still do that every weekend day, weather permitting.

  6. Oh yeah dinner out is easily $50-60. Movie $20. Gas / cab / parking = $1-30 depending where you live.

    Do that every week and it's five grand a year.

  7. The purpose of the "date night" is to enable a man and woman to be husband and wife for a while rather than father and mother. The amount of money spent is nearly irrelevant, it's the amount of time spent that counts. Catching lunch together, having a coffee together after work or on a Saturday afternoon, reading magazines over a snack at some bookstore are all less expensive than a formal date, and can be just as useful to the marriage. A one-mile walk takes about 30 minutes on level ground for health people who can talk to one another, for that matter.

    It's the mindset that matters, not the $$$ spent: if one or the other spends most of the time talking about the children, that's not the plan, and it defeats the purpose.

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